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Candles of Care
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Tribute To Comments
Mary L. Dunn
Shirley Jennings My mom is just 54 years old and has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's type dementia
Ivor Skinner and Paul D. Terry I watched my grandfather suffer this horrible disease. Now, I've taken care of my father-in-law for the past 5 years suffering until we could no longer give him the care needed. Now, he's at the end of his suffering. I've requested donations to this disease instead of flowers/plants. We MUST find a cure!!
My grandmother (Nana) Today would have been Nana's 88th birthday.
My family members who have Alzheimer's
Gloria Ellis I am a memory care coordinator at a Memory Care Community in Salem, Oregon. I just wanted to honor one of our residents who passed away. She was a lovely woman.
Grampie My grandfather passed away after a 10 year fight with Alzheimer's; my Aunt Susan, his daughter, is currently battling early onset at 53.
Frances Hamilton My grandmother was the most caring person I have known. She made all around her feel so special, we miss her every day.
Hazel Woodall and Walter Simpson My grandmother passed away 2/22/09 from this disease. Her father also passed away in 1986 from the same disease. I miss them both and hate to see anyone going through this disease. And the loved ones who don't understand the behavior changes it may bring.
William Eads Beamer My father is in the final stage of this horrible disease.
All those affected by Alzhiemer's
My Mother, Benita Ruiz Muniz
Marian Widdifield Mother-in-law with Alzheimer's who has been a care facility resident now for 3 years
My DAD, Morton (Morty as his family/friends call him) My Dad was diagnosed probably close to 10 years ago. At the time the Dr. said that it could be "water on the brain, aka Hydrocephylis". Dad had a brain scan and then the "water" diagnosis was confirmed not to be the case with my Dad. This meant that it was in fact, Alzheimer's. My mom is his caregiver and I don't know how she gets through each day. He's gotten worse in more recent time & it seems like in less time than previously. It is so hard to watch this man that was mine & my mom's strength, support and who had such a "Wonderful life"!!! I sometimes want to shout from the rooftops ...Please help, Quick find a cure, we can't take it to see people on both sides become so lost. Missing my Daddy so badly, I could cry.
Leonard Lockhart My father who has been living with Alzheimer's disease for the past 10 years and continues the struggle today. And for my mom and his wife of 64 years who provides his care.
Michael Steinberg & Frieda Steinberg his caretaker
My mother who was just placed in an ECF this past week
Joyce Cerniello This is in tribute to a very caring and sweet person. God Bless Her.
Elaine Jacobson
Jerry Altshuld
Anne Crowley Mom may your spirit burn bright in the hearts of all who knew you.
Anne Anne- an 87 year old woman who has taught me to better understand her disease. We need better understanding realizing that they are truly trapped in a world of their own.
My grandma I love you grandma, I miss you so much
Roger Orin Fenton I just lost my grandfather on February 8. 2010. He was a great man who had all his memories taken from him. But I will always remember the great times we had even if he couldn't.
All of the veterans on the Dementia Unit at Carl Vinson VA Medical Center I am a social worker on a dementia care unit in a veterans hospital and would like to express my love and appreciation for these veterans and the sacrifices that they made as soldiers of this great nation!
My mom and dad
My great-grandmother
Naomi Chysler My step grandmother has had Alzheimer's for over 4 years. She had to move from New York to Florida to be with the only family that had time or wanted to take care of her, even though they are the only ones that didn't have the money. They do the best they can, even with all the prayers and help that is available to my parents it's still so hard to watch a loved one and NOT be able to do anything to really help her. We love Gram with all our hearts, she was such a giving and happy person- even with her disease we know she's in there somewhere and hurting so much, we know she still loves us as much too. These types of diseases have got to find a cure asap! With all our technology there has got to be a way to help fix this soon.
Naomi Joan Chrisler This lovely lady is my mother-in-law, but my mom. She is very sick from or with Alzheimer's. It is a heart breaking disease, it is eating her alive. She needs all the help we can give and our prayers. Lord help us all. Thank you.
Irma Scheidler and Frances Scheidler Bressler We Love You Grama & Mom!
Norma Chance My mother, Norma, passed this morning from the last stages of Alzheimer's. This is for her.
Norma Chance My favorite Aunt who passed away...Feb 2010
Bill Prinke My Brother in Law who is battling the disease at an early age...
Donald DeBey Don is my grandfather who is in the later stages of the Alzheimer's disease. He is my hero. I am attempting to study the disease as much as possible and find any way I can help in early detection and possibly a cure to this unthinkable disease.
Cecelia D. Holbrook My mom, whom I miss terribly. Also to my mom, whom I said goodbye and hello every day.
Mary Micka My Mom who passed away two and a half years ago from Alzheimer's. May she rest in peace. From her loving daughter Maryellen
My Mom Doreen Warren
Marcos Rodriguez I will never forget your wisdom and strength. I will always miss you dearly.
Mildred Farmer and June Farmer Tate My grandmother died with Alzheimer's and my mother is in the nursing home now with it.
Mimi Burke, mother to many. My mom was a mom and a friend to many, many people. She is deep in all of their hearts often now.
My grandfather Emmerson Patterson, Sr. My grandfather was a very influential, industrious man in his church and community. He raised 7 wonderful children and was a father-figure to even more. I watched "Paw-Paw" die on July 28, 2007.
My mom Antoinette "TONI" Valentino My Mom was always a strong willed, strong minded and GIVING individual. She had sooooo many friends because of all the LOVE she always had in her and let it come out to all those she would meet. She did not deserve to come down with this disease and become bedridden and her mind astray. She sometimes knows us and other times looks at us so bewildered. We can do nothing but give her kisses, hold her hand and make sure she is getting taken care of to the best that's possible. Even though her flame has deminished it is still lit and she will forever be lit ever so brightly within our hearts should the day come that the Lord up above welcomes her home and frees her from within the black hole she has sunk into.
Joyce Tucker MeeeMeeee(: I'll misss you!
Allene S. Ferree In memory of my Mom, I love you and miss you. 5-16-1920 -- 4-13-2009
My Grandpa I love you grandpa!!!
Rose De Petrillo My mother died with Alzheimer's disease in 1992 and, although there was not much information about the disease at that time, I am happy that the AFA is reaching out to people with valued information and help.
Jack N. Howell We love you and we will never leave your side as you travel through this journey. Your memories will become our memories and live in our hearts forever.
Clara "Tommie" Buchanan Tommie was my wonderful mother who finally won her battle with Alzheimer's disease last month. She is now in Heaven with all her faculties, happy and singing hymns. How can that NOT be winning?! I love her so much and miss her every day. I hope she's with her two sisters, maybe even fitting in a game of cards once in awhile. . . .
The three residents I knew who have passed away this week. I used to work in a memory care facility. Some of the people I helped place are dying every month. Even though I knew the families I am always astonished at the rich lives these people lived when I read their obituaries.
James A. Slingluff
James A. Slingluff
Mother How vital our responsibility is to educate our communities of the great need for care.
Charlie Beck Husband of 58 years
My grandfather Tony
Richard Warner My grandfather passed away two weeks ago. He was a victim of Alzheimer's, but was the most amazing grandfather, husband, father, and man.
Walter Whitfield
Sylvia Reinhardt Mom- thank you for all that you have done for me throughout my life. I will always love you, and I know that you will always love me.
Mr. Hess (father of Julie)
Betty May you feel no more pain, suffer no more disease.
My beautiful twin Ann Because she was the best twin I ever had.
My wonderful Grandfather It was so hard watching this strong proud man go down like he did so fast & it hurt us all so much when he would not remember who we were. He was a carpenter by trade & at the end he would walk around the house just measuring things with his wooden carpenters tool. He was an awesome grandfather & man who was loved by so many & the stories he would tell us about being the oldest of 12 children & how he had to quit school when he was in the 5th grade to be the man of the house when his father died suddenly. I miss him still so much. He passed away May 25th 2000, I was 6mths pregnant when he passed & named my son after him.
All people who have been affected with Alzheimer's disease
Murray Jones
Dorothy Mercer I Love My Grandma!!
Caregiver to Joe To return Love given.... It is now Unc's turn to get some love
Bobby Thompson
My Dad Louis He is still a gentle man, but he is failing fast
Joseph Nwankwo This candle is being lighted to commemorate with my brother,friend and colleague in the office, whom recently lost his dad, I pray that may the good god give him and his family the fortitudes to bear the irreplaceble loss and the soul of his father rest in peace. AMEN
Eleanora Zirkle (Mom) My beautiful mother Eleanora Zirkle just passed away--Feb 19th, 2010. She was a beautiful wonderful mom, I pray for all those who are living with loved ones affected by this disease, for the caregivers who truly do face 36 hour days, may God give you the strength and courage. We miss mom terribly, the one thing that this disease did not and will not take from us the wonderful memories we have.
Carmelo Nieves Carrasquillo My father was diagnosed with Alzheimers about 2 years ago. He is in the beginning stages, but he has been present to some of his own relatives' process throughout the years, so he is painfully aware of what the future will bring. I light the candle with the hope that God will help him throughout this journey.
Joyce Newsom - my mom She passed away in June 2009. Alzheimer's took so much from her and us, but she never lost her smile and her deep love of Jesus. We miss her dearly. Such a difficult disease to deal with.
Sylvia Bare My mother-in-law was diagnosed with Alzheimer's a year ago. It is sad to see how it is affecting her....
Andy Pygman Andy Pygman was inflicted with Alzheimer's disease. He passed away on April 6, 2010.
My mom, Roseanna Labonte
Erna Edel Mom passed from this disease in August, 09
My husband Mike, brother-in-law Rich and mother-in-law Barbara This disease has already claimed 2 lives, with another in this same family still suffering. We MUST find a cure to save our next generation.
George Mason Dave's Dad passed after a five year battle.
Elaine Jackson Mom - you instilled so much love in us, but most of all you taught us to have a deep-rooted faith. Every day I miss you. You've touched so many hearts. May the most merciful God keep you and grant you peace.
Paula Nieves "Auntie Lucy" Auntie Lucy passed away February 2009 after battling Alzheimer's disease for many years. :(
Harlan G GRANDPA (PAPA) I love you you're my world always have been you always will be. You are also the worlds best I love you very much and thank for being who you are and trying to remember us. Part of being FAMILY is going through sickness as a family. So while it seems we don't understand what its like for you its actually the other way around its not just you going through this all alone we all are going through it step by step with you. Dont give up papa I love you and so does the rest of the family. <3 <3
Ronnie Neher Ronnie is my Mother's cousin & a very outgoing/ friendly guy that has had Alzheimer's for 15 years & doesn't let his failing memory affect his cheerful disposition. Thank you…
Bill Hoover He was finally diagnosed with bladder cancer 2 huge tumors... with God, the Dr., his family and all the prayers he was able to keep the bladder this time. His family is forever grateful!
For all those who have this disease and know that there are people who really do care.
My Dad Vincent Gullotti I pray for a cure in a timely way. It is a sad disease. I lost my mom to cancer and always thought that was the worst... I think Alzheimer's may be worse... It breaks my heart to see his confusion and frustration. I wonder what he could possibly be thinking and feeling inside.
All who suffer and those who care
My father He will be 90 next week.....
Bety Austria Vizuet
Shannon Bishop She always had a big smile on her face. When you were sad, she would find a way to make you laugh. It didn't matter how long it took her. She was great person to be around and I will never forget the support that she gave me when I needed it.
V. Malagisi Good friend is now facing this disease. He is a fighter and my thoughts and prayers are with him.
Delores Hunter Delores Hunter died on May 5, 2010 of Alzheimer's disease. She was well-loved and lived her life well. We miss her and will remember her this Mother's Day.
Mom Love You Mom
My great grandma
Petra Del Valle Happy Mother's Day, Mom!
Friends and Family
Jeannette Courtemanche
My Grandmother, Sylvia Helen Bishop I am lighting this candle to celebrate the life and memory of my grandmother, who was a shining light in my life. I want to inspire others to remember those who are affected with Alzheimer's and never lose sight of the simple joys in life.
Alberto DeMoura In memory of my grandfather who was affected by this disease. To watch someone look lost and forgetful is heartbreaking. He will be missed greatly but he gave those who loved him 92 years of memories to look back on.
Uncle J. Travis Davison In honor of the biggest inspiration in my life.
My mother and grandparents
Margery Hammond and Margaret Beekman
Archie Aaron Cole A wonderful and gentle man who was taken too early by this disease. The effects of it will stay with friends and family until there is a cure.
Blance Stulberger, my mother God Bless Mommy - May She Rest In Peace. I am so sorry that she suffered so much from this disease. The only good thing about this disease is that the "person" doesn't know they've got the disease. I wish I could've suffered with this disease instead of my mother. She passed away because her brain forgot how to swallow. I hate this disease! I say Kaddish for my mother 2 times a day and for 11 months. I miss you Mommy!
The elders I serve
My dad, Victor Nabben Alzheimer's is a tough disease and I feel like it took so much from the later years of my Dad's life. We need to remember for those that can't!
My Mom, Wanda Cantrell I am lighting a candle in honor of my Mom, Wanda Cantrell. She has been in a nursing home for 2 years suffering from this HORRIBLE disease. I have started a Caregiver's Support Group because we did not have one in our area. We (I) really needed this. We are a small but very close group and feel free to contact each other anytime. I appreciate the help you have given me in establishing this group. We all need to light a candle for more people. Thank you.
The residents at Pearl Garden at Regal Palms, Largo, Florida To honor the wonderful residents I have the pleasure of sharing my life with. I love you all!
Reece Meador My father, Reece, was in the early to moderate stages of dementia when he passed away two years ago. I am associated with many here in our town who are currently dealing with this disease with their family members. Although I miss my dad terribly, I am so thankful he/we did not have to deal with the late stages of this terribly sad disease.
Anyone affected with Alzheimer's disease in varying degrees. Thank you!
My grandfathers, Nathan Sternberg and Louis Simmonds
In honor and memory for all those afflicted
Martin Harlow My spouse passed away May 27, 2010 from Alzheimer's disease.
Our residents I work in a long term care facility with a dedicated dementia unit. Our "Memory Care Unit" is unique and we use validation therapy to interact with the residents. Over the years we have lost many of our residents. We have dementia residents in the long term care unit also; these are the ones whose disease process has staged beyond where they can benefit from the programming in the "Memory Care Unit". For these residents and their families I honor their life and their memory.
Many friends affected by the disease As a staff member of our church, I work regularly with families affected by dementia. Thank you for allowing us to support them in this special way.
Pearl Kuykendall
My Mother A remarkable, wonderful woman who taught high school English until her retirement at age 66 - and for all the others, families and victims, who suffer this painful journey.
My Mom who passed away from Alzheimer's It felt as if I lost my Mom twice, She had Alzheimer's for 3 years before she passed away. I miss you so Mom my heart aches for your sweet hugs and laughter. Till we meet again, rest in peace dearest Mother.
Mary F. Epstein My beloved mother had Alzheimer's dementia and I think of her daily
Eleanor Stork Eleanor passed away today after a comparatively short but terrible battle with this awful disease. We pray a cure is found.
Eleanor Stork R.I.P. 6/14/10 A loving mother who blessed everyone's life who had the good fortune to know her
Delores Rosse Delores lost her battle to Alzheimer's after a 15 year fight. Miss you Mom
My mom, Eleanor Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's 1 1/2 years ago. I live and teach overseas and only see Mom in the summer. It's always difficult seeing the progression on this horrible disease.
My Grammy, Patty Baumbach She was a great Grammy:) It's a shame she had to go with no or very little memories of me.
My father
My beautiful residents
My mum, Jane (Burke) Harding who died from this terrible disease They call Alzheimer's disease the "memory thief" because it robs you of your memories. My mum suffered terribly from this disease from the age of 75 until her death in April at the age of 83. The last 2 years of her life she was completely bedridden. Every year I made the trip home to England to spend time with my Mum at the nursing home where she was living. I believe that my Mum had not known who I was for the past 9 years. I can't imagine what she must have gone through. I am heart broken!
Christina's Father
Gramma and Grandpa Adamo
Joseph Mendicelli I love you Dad and miss you every day
My Great Grandmother, Amy Alice Schweer-Muir
Margaret Buckley My well loved Aunt Margaret had Alzheimer's. She also had a remarkable sense of humor - hysterical, really. I miss her and her antics.
JB The world's most awesome father-in-law. I miss you.
Donald E. Crooks For my Dad… a guiding light in my life.
My sister, my husband and my brother My sister, JoAnn died 5 years ago - husband in nursing home with Alzheimer's & brother in early stages of Alzheimer's
My Father, Erwin C. Dyer To always keep alive the memory of the most wonderful person I have ever known. It was a true honor to have cared for him in his final years.
My mom
My mom My mom has Alzheimer's and lives with my sister ten months out of the year and two months with my family. Feels like forever. And I feel bad feeling this way.
Adults with DD
Joseph M. I love and miss my Dad Joe
My Mother, Francys Hughes Wednesday night, March 3, 2010 at 7:45pm my Mother was finally released from the grip of the monster called Alzheimer's. She had been under Hospice care here at home since January. She was in the final stages where her body was dying piece by piece. The final week of her life was awful. The hourly morphine was more helpful in keeping her calm than it was to relieve all the pain. Thanks to the Grace of God and the prayers of friends she is now at peace and with God, surrounded by the friends and family who passed before her. This candle is in tribute to my Mother, but also for those whose lives may be affected by this horrible Beast. I pray they find a cure soon.
My Mom, Eva Castillo My mom is declining fast, very religious. As a Catholics that is what we do when we say specials prayers for the people we love.
Sue Gatewood She was my maternal grandmother, my Nanny.
George George is a fighter. He has lots of common sense. Normally, this would be good, but now he uses it to undo thing, such as get out of a locked house and wander 1 1/2 miles from home. He is living at home still, but it is extremely hard on his wife. She needs constant prayers.
Myself Diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer's disease.
Ruth Gold
Alzheimer's patients Alzheimer's it is a different type of sick. So many peoples bothering about this sick.
All the people affected by Alzheimer's In the hope of finding a cure!
My sister, Jan
My mom, Betty Mendell Today July 13th is my mom's birthday. She died from complications from end stage Alzheimer's. Alzheimer's took her ability to reason and understand but not her love of life and her smile.
Les Richardson Currently, I am a student pursuing a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology and want to move in to obtain a PhD in neuropsychology working with Alzheimer's patients and hopefully aid in developing a cure or drug to better reduce memory loss. Also, I have recently lost my step-father due to Alzheimer's.
P Thorn In honor of my dad who deserves the highest of respect and honor.
Jesse Coffey It is hard to see a person you love disappear in front of your eyes. Are our memories our own or are they intertwined with people that surround us?
Mary Lou Mclachlin In remembrance of my mother who I miss so much!
My Mom, Gloria Chapman This disease took not only my Mother's mind, but that of her father and her sister.
The Indiana Masonic Home This candle is in tribute to the Indiana Masonic Home for the care they give to those residents in the Memory Care Unit.
Those who have lost loved ones...
My community, Bed-Stuy Over the years I have learned so much about Alzheimer's and each year I hold a community candle lighting to bring awareness to my community.
Help to educate and find a cure.
Norman Martin My father-in-law has Alzheimer's, has for 7 years
Joan Farrow In honor of the first anniversary of her death
Marian Zakerski Her husband cared for her at home for 18 years
Alzheimer's residents
All residents of our Alzheimer facility I work in an Alzheimer facility and see each day the happenings of their world. My heart goes out to families that endure this each and every day!
Franklin Sliger He fought for his country and for his kids now lets fight for him.
Franklin Sliger
Lillian Thiel ~~ my loving mother To honor my mother, who taught me how to be a loving, caring person. She was diagnosed this year and is progressing faster that we thought she would. She is wonderful.
The residents that I care for daily at Arbor Terrace of Crabappl Every day is a rewarding experiance working with our residents and families at Arbor Terrace of Crabapple.
My Grandma I love you grandma even though you don't remember me sometimes. -Deborah.
Thomas Jefferson McRay In loving memory of my father. Love always, Ada
Myrtle Russo I just lost my Mom on July 13, 2010. She was my Mom and my best friend! I was her caregiver for 9 years. She is the bravest person I have ever known! I love and miss her very much!!
Anyone who has suffered with this terrible disease
Diane Fleischer My mother has Alzheimer's.
My dear Friend Margret Tray You are sadly missed, Momma Tray, but I know you are in resting in the arms of God.. Love You.. Your other Daughter
Lucia Malaspina, Salvatore Malaspina and Fran Myer
Angelo C. DePrimo
Maria Malaspina-Myer/ Mother
My mother Lucia I love you mom
Betty Hornsby I Love You and Miss You MOM!!!!!
My Uncle Harold
Clifford Jaquet And all the people who are infected with this awful thing that robs people mind
Elderly who have Alzheimers
All of the family caregivers in the High Country
Lillie L. Jackson My great grandmother suffered from what doctors then called senility. She passed away over 40 years ago. Her signs/symptoms were consistent with what doctors today know as Alzheimer's Disease. I am 67 years old and perform Counseling and Geriatric Case/Care Management services for the elderly and their family members. I hope and pray that in my time a cure will be found for this dreaded disease that strips us of our ability to remember.
All of the wonderful residents at Sweetgrass Court Past and present
My Grandmother, Vivienne Appel
Artha Allen - Granny, Mom, Sister. She may not be with me now physically, but she will always be with me.
Alice Boynton In loving memory of mother who succumbed to AD 9/15/2007. She now shines brightly with the Lord.
Edward Dougherty For my grandfather and his wife Betty
Eugenia Macchio Grandma, I miss you!
Dewey D. Cheek This is my Dad he had had Alzheimer's for 9 years.
Lionel Lewis Stephens My husband, Lionel, died on December 23, 2009; he was 68-years-old. He was diagnosed in October 2004. I miss him dearly. He fought a good fight. I do have "a reason to hope." In the meantime, I have dedicated my life to helping to make the journey JOYFUL for Alzheimer's caregivers...
All of my traditions residents and my G.M.
Marian Ferguson My future mother-in-law has Alzheimer's and her mother had it. It is just a horrible disease. I only wish they could find a cure.
My dad who has early onset
Agnis DeBenedictis This is for my other Mother.
Matilda Ibe Mom your love and caring will always be remembered, You are missed everyday. We love you and miss you!
The special care unit in Benchmark of Monett Missouri I understand that cancer is a very very deadly disease but I know that AD is the deadliest I believe. And I pray each day that the lord will have each one of these children out in this world in His hand. I love and care for these people. They all have feelings and hearts just like the rest. Please let me know what I can do for everyone please. I work in a special care unit
ElDora Mae Taylor I love you mom. Now that you're gone I will always remember....
Annette Pearson She was the best Grandma a girl could have. I love her so much and miss her a lot.
All the special people that we take care of on Hospice I've been involved in Hospice for about 10 years. I absolutely love it. To be part of the families' lives while their loved ones are going through life with this disease, is an honor. These special people touch my heart very much. My mother has been diagnosed with this disease about a year ago, and it is so hard trying to be a long distance caregiver.
My Spouse- James Zirkle, Jr. My spouse currently has Alzheimer's disease and is residing in a Nursing Home and about to return to home and caregiving by me, a disabled MSW who once worked with this population. I have been caregiver to him since July 2007 when he was initially diagnosed with vascular dementia during a heart catheter test. In October 2009, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's after several tests were done to compare the changes. I truly honor each person who has Alzheimer's and their caregivers! I continue to vow to advocate for both as those affected by this disease need a voice, resources, assistance, support, and financial assistance.
Robert M. Allen My father has lived with Alzheimer disease for over 15 years. He is still alive although I feel as though I have lost my Dad many times over the past years and now I am making sure his body is cared for until the Lord takes him.
Claire Paynter This is my mother who has Alzheimer's. I also know several friends who have parents that are also affected by this disease.
Edna LaDoris McPherson She has been living with this disease since 2006.
Vera Skalermero
Tom & Barbara McCauley My Dad and Mom both suffered from Dementia and Alzheimer's. My Dad passed away 2 years ago October, my Mom passed away last week.
Participants present and past at Full Circle Senior Adult Day Center
The residents that I work for! I am a Recreation Director at a LTC facility. I love my residents that have dementia or AD, I learn something new every day, mostly in simple truths.
Caregivers of Ulster County In memory of those we cared for and for those we continue to care for.
Georgian Sestok My mom passed on July 23rd, 2010 after a 20 year battle she was only 75! Mom I won't forget you!
Ruth Ann Glauser In loving memory of my mother who suffered from Alzheimer's disease.
Mr. Les Coy Mr. Coy passed away this week. All of us at Just Family shall miss him.
Gustavo A Alvarado My father suffered from Alzheimer's. He was an excellent husband, father, grandfather and brother and friend. He will always be missed. Love you POP!
Jean Wilson Today is one year since this precious soul passed away after 7 years battling Alzheimer's disease. She was an educator and an incredibly loving individual.
Lizzie Hager Yes, my mother had it and it breaks my heart to see someone else going through it too and their families too.
The members of the memory care unit that I work for
Ardelle Trumbore
My mother who has Alzheimer's
Ina Frye
Elizabeth Waldrop In her last year, Elizabeth was a woman who could do very little for herself, yet give so much to others. She was a gift!
Gerthie Little, Lee Harris, Pearl Cordell, JC Sossoman, Evelyn J These are friends, and clients of mine who have suffered with or are currently affected by Alzheimer's
Ann Tinsley For my grandmother and my residents at Arbor House of Desoto
My Mom, Marie Walz A beautiful, vital woman until 6 years ago at the age of 77 when diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease
Nancy Whitford Nancy is my sister-in-law who is affected by this disease. It was diagnosed 4 years ago when she was in her mid 60's. My brother is wonderful as a caregiver and taken on the responsibilities of their lives.
My Dad, Frank Lamb My Dad was a victim of early Alzheimers and now a friend's mother has been diagnosed. This is a scary and life altering disease for the whole family, not just the victim. It needs our attention.
The residents of Sunrise Assisted Living of Bloomingdale
Nellie Morone
Magnolia Place Residents I want to take this time to light the candle in remembrance of all the Magnolia Place residents who have been and are currently affected by the Alzheimer's disease. Every day the staff at Magnolia Place care for the special people who change from day to day because Alzheimer's has taken away so much of who they were. As the residents care giver the sad part is that we can not give them that part of their life back, but we can give them a new life every day and pray that it helps them to get through the day in a good way. We can't help them remember the past nor the past minute, but we can help them live in the moment whatever that is to them at that time.
The patients with memory loss and Alzheimer's that we see.
Audie Dubois My mother has been in a Nursing Home for a year with disabilities one being Alzheimer's disease.
Lt. Col Ret. Clarence W. Dart I light this candle in honor of my father who has the onset of Alzheimer's
Muriel Keefe To my mom, I miss you more and more each day. Love you
Jeanne Floody Although we may have lost the mom that we once knew, the love we have for you can never be forgotten.
Ruby Skinner She is my mother and the greatest woman in the world but does have this terrible disease. We love her very much
All of those affected with Alzheimer's that I have treated
Peggy Mockler We journeyed for over 22 years with the disease. Peggy was my "Amazing Grace". She passed away on October 8, 2009, at 102 years of age.
Lois Dunkelberger My grandmother recently passed away from Alzheimer's disease. She was a sweet and well loved woman who devoted her life to serving others.
Lorraine Deibert My Mom-mom had Alzheimer's Disease, and with that, my whole family was affected by the disease. I never really got to know who my Mom-mom really was because she fought the disease for so long and it stole her true self. I have only a few memories from when I was young of her playing cards with me or just talking with me, before the disease stole away who she was. I work in a Skilled Nursing Facility as a Speech Therapist and see Alzheimers affecting individuals everyday. It is a constant reminder of my Mom-mom's fight. There is also always a constant fear inside that my mother and then me or my sister will face the same struggle with the disease as my Mom-mom did, because of the heriditary nature of the disease. I light this candle in memory of her and for hope that their is a better future for Alzheimer's patients to come.
A friend who recently passed away from Alzheimer's disease.
The Clients at The Guest House who live with Alzheimer's
Janelle McDowell I work in long term care and have witnessed the struggle families have with understanding Alzheimer's disease. My family has also had to be aware of the disease and has learned how to communicate more effectively with events. Thank you.
All the people I work for and family members with affected by Alzheimer's disease
Vennie Perdue, my grandmother I work with patients with Alzheimer's disease. I love my job and the residents at my facility. I hope that we find a cure soon. I want to remember all those affected by Alzheimer's.
"Momma" Stinson She suffered a long time with this terrible disease. May the good Lord help her family and friends to deal with the pain of her loss with as much grace and dignity as she dealt with the awful AZ monster.
Robert "Bob" Elsten For our father who passed away this afternoon
My dad Fred Clark My dad struggled with Alzheimer's...he is now peacefully in of the burdens.
All who have been touched by this disease. God Bless you all.
Vennessee Raynor She was a sweet, loving, and beautiful lady. She loved her family. We all miss her.
Our residents at Bel Air Health and Rehab Center I am the staff development manager at my facility and would like to light this candle in honor of our residents.
Donald Gugel- my Dad
Mary Califano, my mother My mother has suffered from Alzheimer's disease for several years. I'm lighting this candle to ask God to give her peace.
My Grandpa Floyd Woold Sr. I am the director of the Senior Citizen center in Port Neches, Texas and I have many senior members with Alzheimer's and Dementia. My own grandpa passed way from Alzheimer's. I light a candle for my beloved grandpa and the members of my Senior Center.
My clients
People with dementia and their families in Morgan County Alabama
Anthony B. Shapanus In tribute to my father who has passed 1996.
All of my staff for their loving care of our Alzheimer's Residen
My mother
Stanley Spink My dad died just over a year ago and he had this terrible disease as did my Aunt on my mom's side.
My grandmother, Monica Meister
My husband, my father-in-law and my grandpa My husband's father passed away due to Alzheimer complications in 2000, my grandfather passed away due to complicaitons from Alzheimer's in 1997. In 2005 my husband was diagnosed with early onset. He will be 57 in a couple months. This has been a very trying time at times. BUT we love each other and have much humor most of the times...
All of the many clients who have attended Caring Days Adult Day
Cleta Sanford My Mother and My Aunt Shirley and Uncle Don all have Alzheimer's
Dexter Fields My dad is diagnosed with beginning stages of Alzheimer's. I was residing in MA and my dad lives in FL. My husband and I thought this through and we put our house on the market and he is staying in the house until it sells. I am in the meantime, living with my dad who is doing wonderful. I see sometimes he cannot connect words with objects, he knows what he wants and knows the objects, but sometimes cannot get the word out. I am living with my dad and I will be his caregiver with the wonderful support of my husband. I am in this alone with my dad and all I do is read read read. Thank you for listening to my story.
Sara Hector My Grandmother had Alzheimer's
All who do, have, and will combat Alzheimer's
My mother I love you and miss you and cherish the rare moments when you come back to us
My Dad Irv Albert
My patients I take care of I am a caregiver, and this is for all my patients with this terrible disease
My father Williams S. Flint and his mother, Marion S. Flint Both suffered from Alzheimer's disease
Lottie Patterson Lottie Patterson is my mom. She has front lobe dementia. I have seen her go from a very strong independant woman to a person who seems so helpless and frail.
All those affected by Alzheimer's and other dementia related disorders
Past residents at Expressions at Enumclaw For all of those that have lit up my life.
All those affected by Alzheimer's I am a social worker at a skilled nursing facility. I see everyday the effects of the disease and how it not only is difficult for the ones we care about but also on the families as they struggle though the progression of the disease as well.
Louise McAbee Louise was a resident at the Assisted Living Facility I work for. She was such a sweet lady with a beautiful smile. I am lighting this candle to remember her sweet spirit.
Antonio Rodriguez In name of my friend
Ill persons I appreciate the care for people suffering of Alzheimer's
Carrie Willis
All the little kids, and teens who are affected by Alzheimer's I will speak to help people with Alzheimer's. I will voice out telling everyone that people need to be more involved with others who need our help.
Joan Block
Maria Mendoza My grandma is currently dealing with Alzheimer's disease and all our other family members find it hard to deal with her constantly. Although, as her grandaughter I promise to always care for her and stick by her side.
Antoinette Varles-DeFrino-Salata To my Mom, who suffered with dementia for 7 years - we all miss you and remember your humor and laughter.
Anne Senese Alzheimer's disease.
Honor my Mother Mrs Helen Hoffman
My Mother, Mary E. Kennedy This has got to be the most devastating experience to have had to go through. My prayers to all who have had to experience this tragedy.
Sam Puntureri My husband has Alzheimer's and we are struggling with day-to-day living here at home.
Donna M. Barnes My mom has Alzheimer's disease.
Virginia DesRosiers
Lennie and Alvin Blevins Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2005 and my Dad now has the un-applied-for role of constant caregiver.
My Grandmother, Betty Jean Simmons
My grandmother, Isabel
My Aunt, Martha E. Smith Thank you so much for these tributes, for my Momma and my Aunt. It does mean a lot!
MaryLou Raterman My grandma, MaryLou, lost her battle with Alzheimer's in February of 2010 after an 8 year battle. I am lighting this candle to remember her.
My Mom
Mary Green My mother had Alzheimer's and passed away last year. It was sad to see her go through this horrible disease. I hope that some day that a cure can be found for this.
ElDora Mae Taylor To you Mom with all my love. You are now with God. Your memory is with me in my heart.
John Henderson
Rose Denegre Always remembered-always loved…
Harold Cloutier My dad died after living with AD for over 6 years. AD stole him from all those who loved him. We-his family-miss him terribly.
Anne W. Saxton My Mother has Vascular Dementia and has been afflicted with it for 7 years now. She is in a nursing home because we can not care for her a home. This is very difficult for my Father and the entire family.
Johnny Helms I lost my dad to Alzheimer's a year and a half ago. We took care of him for 4 years. I would like to light a candle for my dad who is missed greatly.
Sherman Randolph, my Dad
My mom and dad I have been my parents' caregiver for the past 2 years and want to do something to improve the services and awareness in my community.
All the residents that I have taken care of in the last 30 years I think this disease is worse then getting cancer. At least with cancer you can tell what you are fighting, not so with this.
Marie-Therese Bulle To my grand-mother, who does not recognize me anymore, with all my love.
Donald Mankus Donald was my Bro-In-Law who was diagnosed in 2004 and died in Feb. of 2009.
My Father Albert He was diagnosed at the age of 57, god bless him.
My grandma
My mom, Nelsy Becerra My mom was robbed of too much in her future and had to suffer in the present of her illness. She passed away 2 years ago this week and it left us with great heartache.
My Mom
Pearl Allison In loving memory of my Grandmother
All the residents that live in the asst living I work at I have been working with people inflicted with Al for 12 years and have worked at the present place for 10 years. I was an activity asst for the first two years and promoted to the director and now I have promotsd to the Al programer and I run a program called the bridge to rediscovery. It is a Montessori based program modified for people with dementia (LOVE MY JOB)
Sweetgrass Court Memory Care Community
Estelle Swartz "Stella" was a dear lady who was feisty, loved dancing, never complained and went to heaven a few months before her 100th birthday. I miss that little blue-eyed firecracker.
Angeline Willis
Rita, my mom Thanks for the support network
Red St.Clair Alzheimer's disease slowly sapped the life and light from my dad.
Our residents with Alzheimer's disease From Summerfield Senior Living
My grandma who has passed. I will have to come back here to light a lot of candles.
Margie Fluent
Louise Gerrity
All of our residents with Dementia From Country Meadows
Sara Kantor In remembrance of my wonderful and caring Mother in Law. We miss her so much.
My father, Nicholas Denonno
Family Caregivers May this candle be a small tribute to families all over the world. In lighting this candle, it is my hope that reasearch will shed more light on early detection and treatment of Alzheimer's disease.
My mother, Sooky
Anna Genovese My mom died of Alzheimer's disease 3 years ago.
All my residents in Reminiscence at Sunrise Assisted Living of Cresskill
Geraldine Brown Always in my heart, never far from my mind.
Heartfields residents
Glen "Butch" South My husband of 38 years has been diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer's Dementia. He is 57 years old.
All those past and future with Alzheimer's disease Ant, I am keeping my promise <3
Marion Chagnon ...and all the residents who live or lived with Alzheimer's (and their families) that I've loved and worked with over the last 25 years.
Felix Botell To honor my grandfather. A man of great strength, dignity and pride. I miss him greatly.
My Mom I pray they find something to stop Alzheimer's in its horrible progression. I don't care if by then I have forgotten where my keys are... I can sew them to my purse. What I care about is bigger than that.
I'm a writer, I worry that I won't remember what words are. I'm an actor, I worry that I won't understand my lines. I'm a director, I worry that I won't remember how to direct. I'm a mother, I worry that I won't know my children. I'm a teacher, I worry that I will forget how to teach. I'm a school bus driver, I worry that I will forget where I am and how to get back. I'm every man, I'm every woman. And I pray that Alzheimer's will never happen to me.
Edna Howe My Grandmother made me aware of the growing needs of the elderly to include persons affected by Alzheimer's disease.
Dorothy Goodwin and her caregiver, Gerald Goodwin
Jerry Scoggins My beloved husband who is still suffering from dementia. He was struck down at the young age of 50.
Tom and Marge Langan This disease has had a significant place in my family. My Dad lost both his siblings to the disease while he struggled with the early stages himself. Now it has a hold on my Mom.
Sophia Marczynski Sophia was my mother who died June 30, 2006. She was a most amazing, talented, creative and remarkable woman. She was one of my mentors.
Mrs. Goia Bernheim
Grand Court Fort Myers Seniors with Alzheimer's Brookdale Senior Living Grand Court Fort Myers is uniting with others from coast to coast as they light "Candles of Care". Let's get a cure for this disease.
All of our residents
Pete, Joan and My Mother in Law Mavis Please help this cause with anything you can give.
My mother My mother has been living and suffering with AD for more that 5 years. She has always been my "Light" so in honoring her today is my way to say thank you mom.
My mother, Ginny Blasco I'm also lighting a candle in tribute to the others who live in the eldercare home with my mom who also have Alzheimer's.
George Logan, Jr. Together we can do it; Help
Marie Rogers McGirt In honor of my mother and grandmother who were both victims of the terrible disease.
My grandma, Mary Lou (Hollingsworth) McMullan She was an amazing woman. Gone too soon, but a living spirit.
My Grandmother... ... and all my friends I have and have lost at our community to Alzheimer's Disease.
A great event, I'm looking forward to attending!
Bethel Dodge 1951-2010
In memory of a special lady that touched my heart.
I'll never forget her.

Alzheimer's is a terrible disease. I hope they will find a cure soon.
Irene Kessinger My wonderful grandmother was taken from us as a result of this horrible disease. She went through about 10 years with this illness. She meant the world to me and I miss her so very much!
My MOM, Dorothy Nachlis Arnold, My Dad, her husband took such devoted card of his lovely wife whose memory has been taken from her. They are forever in the hearts of their children.
Those I help care for at The Springs Alzheimer's Community May God Bless them and bring them peace and comfort.
Albert Schwuchow My Dad, Albert who recently passed from complications due to Alzheimer's.
My Mom, Jenny O'Neill My mother passed away this past March from Alzheimer's. In my heart I feel that I lost her long before that. I pary that someday there will be a cure.
Unaware I am lighting a candle in the names of all those who are suffering from dementia and do not understand that it is an illness: to the families and to the individuals stripped of their relationships and their memories. I hope to bring light to education and the lessening of stigma associated with aging and mental illness. I want to bring the comfort and warmth of light to those in isolation with Alzheimer's and the symptoms of which most of us do not understand.
My Mother My mom suffered from Alzheimer's for many years, and was finally taken from our family. She is sadly missed each & every day!
Lucia O and Jesus O. Please Lord, may your caring and eternal love and ability to cure the ill through compassion keep your most faithful servants, Jesus and Lucia O. in your heart. May you help us manage their illness through a cure and may they continue to be with us to show the love you have created in them always keeping you at the highest. For as long as you wish may they be in full health and kept with us as the center of our family. With this I pray to you in your name Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.
Everyone affected with Alzheimer's disease.
The Residents of Devereux House, Marblehead, MA Praying every day for the advance toward a cure of this terrible disease.
my mom My mom and her sister have Alzheimer's! It is the most devastating disease! To lose your loved one in pieces rips your heart apart!
We need to find a "CURE"!!!
Samuel Miller
My dad
All individuals in Bed-Stuy Hope we find a cure.
Papaw and Nanny
Lorence Martin (My father)
Honoring my mother! I love and miss you! My mother was a young almost 63-year-old who suffered from early onset Alzheimer's disease for 13 yrs before she passed away. It was a long and very hard road as I was her main caregiver for several years, in my home, along with my two babies (3 1/2 and 1 year olds).
Ola Mae Long Camp I'm lighting this candle in honor of my father's mother, Ola Mae Long Camp, who lived with us when I was growing up.
My father Richard
My loving and caring mother. My mom is my angel. Her smile lights up a room. Always happy, always with a positive attitude and always with something good to say about everybody.
My Great Grandmother Ramona I'm lighting this candle today in tribute to my great grandmother Ramona. She was, and even with the mind of a 2 year old is still one of the most amazing people I have ever known. She means so much to me I love her with all my heart! Though theres nothing we can do now to cure her I know as long as we love her day in and day out she'll make it through all this much happier. I also tribute this lighting of the candle to all the people and families who suffers with the Alzheimer diseases on a day to day bases. My heart and prayers go out to everybody I know it can b a hard and scary experience to go through.
My father - Harold Bell He is in the last stages of Alzheimer's disease and under hospice care. I, his daughter, am his primary caregiver.
"Pa" Art Salley
Neal Eugene Hummel My Father is fading away. This is so hard for our family to watch this disease take him away from us. Please keep him in your prayers. With love . . . .
My grandmother Bobbi Most courageous person I know always a smile and a hug to give.
Angie and John
Nadean H. Puryear
Kate Warffemius
My wife, Shirley T Calabrese My wife died on 05/24/2010 after a long battle with Alzheimer's. May she now finally be pain free.
Verna Henkels, Mom My mother has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's 3 years ago. She no longer is able to do any ADLs anymore. It is hard to see her suffer so much...
Family Fanny Cassese, Rose Lucarella, Clara Spera, Nicholas Lemma and Victor Grasso. These are all family members who have died and two who are living with Alzheimer's disease.
My mother
Father Pop is 75 and has Alzheimers. Hard to watch his memories disappear and his personality change.
Virginia Walsh A tribute to my Mom... my 1st grade teacher and my life teacher... teaching us still...
My Mother-Yvonne Peterson She is still with us, but we don't expect her to last to the end of the year. Her Alzheimer's has moved extremely fast due to her also having terminal cancer. I'm trying to get facilities in our area on board. They had no idea about this Ceremony. Thank You
My grandfather and his caregivers
Residents of Dunlop House Assisted Living Specialized Alzheimer's Care
My Dad
Phyllis Schultz My mom had an inner light that never extinguished even towards the end of her days, she still smiled and always said "I love you". I pray for her three other daughters that turned their backs on her when she could have used their love and support. May they find peace in what they have lost. I will love and miss you forever, mom.
Oma and Opa To Oma and Opa, may your influences on me inspire me to help others who have been affected by the same disease that overtook you. <3
Phyllis Rosemary Starke, my Mom.
Michael Steinberg
Lou This is a tribute to my husband who had EOA (early onset Alzheimer's). It had turned him into a different person who is still loved deeply by me and his family.
Madoline Kell (my mother) In honor of Mom, who has been suffering from this terrible disease for over 11 years. Although her light is gone the light the light in my heart will remain for ever. I love you Mom.
Roberta E. Herpich In loving memory of Nanny Betty.
Archimede Russo 9/2/1925 - 11/3/2010
Richard Silver, Sr. October 16, 1929 - March 5, 2010
Artha Allen My Granny lost her battle with Alzheimer's Disease earlier this year. This candle is in memory of her.
Arron Hurwitz I am lighting a candle to remember by Uncle Arron "Sonny" Hurwitz who died from Alzheimer's last year.
Marie I love you very much Mom. Together we will get through this.
Barbara Jean Lambert My Mom lost her battle with Alzheimer's disease on May 13, 2010.
Helen Ocshner
Clarence "Sonny" Neff Pappy,
It's been 3 long years since you have passed. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. I miss you sooo much!
My father - Harold Bell My father is in the late stages of Alzheimer's disease and I am his primary caregiver.
Jacqueline Lacy I miss you mom.
Nancy Dols We're lighting a candle for Paul's mom and Steven and Kaitlyn's grandma, who is struggling with Alzheimer's, and in memory of Nancy's mom, who we lost over 10 years ago at the end of her struggle with Alzheimer's. May God grant us many more years with Nancy, and a cure for Alzheimer's!
Dorothy Hayes I love you, MawMaw!
All Lighting this candle in hope & faith.
Lubbock Texas families living with Alzheimer's
College View Residents College View Memory Support is home to many wonderful people who have this sad illness. May God Bless them and their families and many hopes that one day there will be a cure.
Josephine Lamonica
Hilda Dejesus It has been 8 years since my mom got diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer's disease, at the age of 52. My life has never been the same since. I continue to be the unconditionally loving daughter, caregiver and representative, at age 31. I miss my friend, confidant and above all my loving mom!!!!
My Dad - William J. Reardon My dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in May 2007. After a three and half year courageous battle, my dad passed on 11/9/10. With me and my younger sister at his side, he went peacefully. We are so thankful my dad was mobile and communicating effectively until 11/6/10. We have so many fond memories of our dad, a kind hearted, generous, loving father who also possessed a keen wit and outstanding sense of humor. Thank for this opportunity to honor our dad.
Ana Atrera For my mom who has been suffering with Alzheimer’s for 8 years. The death of her grandson was the trigger to her downfall. I love you mom.
My brother
In Memory of Grace Cianci My Mother was a brilliant and talented writer, artist, and musician. Alzheimer's was a cruel and very unwelcome vistor that entered my mother's life and robbed her of all her gifts, but could never take her Dignity. I was saddened by all the moments and events of a life well lived that the disease slowly ebbed from my mothers mind and then in May shut her entire body down and finally allowed her to be free once again as an angel. I miss my mother and last night at the candlelight vigil here in St. Petersburg, FL, realized how alive her spirit remains in my heart, and will now allow me to move forward and volunteer to help others who may be in distress. It is when you look into the once very alive eyes of a loved one and see only empty shadows staring back at you that you realize Alzheimer's is a most terrifying and very unknown experience, it knows no boundries, but takes many prisoners. I send Love Peace and Hope to all those suffering and the families who are trying to cope and make sense. The journey is hard and each one unique, but please hold fast to your faith.
Remember everyone For those poor souls, who don't know anyone, that lost their memory.

God Bless them!
Linus Dondlinger
Zigmund Ruczkowski
Grandpa Dondlinger My grandpa passed away 12/7/2008. I miss you every day, Grandpa. I LOVE YOU! Mikaela
My memory Praise the memories and the solutions to keep them
June Hampton
Vivian Berg In remembrance of my grandmother who has passed away and I loved so much. During her battle I was one of her caregivers and she had loved her family so much. When she was given 3 days to live it was supposed to be on my birthday. She loved us all so much that even though we thought she did not know what was going on, she did and held on til she knew that my birthday was done and passed on April 2. Love and miss you every day Nana.
Madaline Ritchie (Parker) I am lighting this candle in memory of my mother, Madaline Ritchie, who suffered with Alzheimer's for many years. She lived in a nursing home for eight of them. Although she could not communicate verbally, I knew by looking into her beautiful blue eyes that she never questioned her faith in god and accepted her fate. This disease did not break her spirit. Her eyes could light up a room. I knew what she was thinking by just looking into them. She passed away on April 18, 2007. I was holding her hand along with my sister Lyn and three brothers: Tommy, Franky and Jay. Her spirit lives within us. She is now at peace and with my father, her parents and her beloved ma and pa Parker.
We miss you Mom. I will see you again someday.
Mary Santoyo I am lighting this candle for my great grandma. I see her all the time, but she does not remember me, or my family. I cry every time I see her because I know this can kill her. I love her very much and I want things to get better for her. I'm only 16, I don't want her to go yet. I wish that when I leave to go home after seeing her she wouldn't cry because she is confused. I don't like seeing her hurting.
Martha Garrison In loving memory of Mrs. Garrison passed on Nov. 15, 2010 at the age of 97 was a sweet and gentle lady.
Maria Cerrato My mom who passed from this terrible disease. Praying that a cure will be found so other families won't have to suffer.
Mildred Merrill
Zoila Gloria Rangel I am lighting this in tribute to my Mom who has Alzheimer's right now. She is 78 yrs. old and loved dearly by her son and daughters.
Ralph P.Turner I miss my Daddy and would like to honor him in a very special way
Anna Williams
Isabel Ramos Baez Strong, loving, and courageous
Charles & Salome Perez My parents whom I miss a lot both died from Alzheimer's
Grace Walsh For Mom, because love outlasts memory.
My Grandma, Mary Lou Hollingsworth McMullan For hers is a living spirit.... I love you Grandma and Grandpa. I miss you. Susie
My daddy
Gene P. Siggins I light this candle in memory of my late husband Gene who had Alzheimer's for 13 years. It was 12 years ago, on December 26th, that we spent our last Christmas together. He will always remain "forever in my heart."
Mary Santoyo I am lighting a candle for my grandmother. The only one in our family with this awful disease and hope someday there will a cure so no other family will have to go through this.
Gloria Dean Malone, my mother You were so funny, you took life and enjoyed just living. I love you mom and hope they find a cure so others don't have to watch their loved ones in such mental pain. Not knowing yourself or others. Losing you day by day. I love you mom.
My Mom (Mary) My Mom has been suffering with Alzheimers going on 3 years now. I try to spend as much time with her as I can, even though she no longer knows who I am. A cure must be found, no one should go through this. I LOVE YOU MOM
Robert and Dot Krout Mom and Dad,
I love you forever and you are in my mind daily as I go throughout my days. I feel you near at times. See you in the life hereafter. :)))
Jerry W. Smith Sr. Hi, I am lighting the candle in tribute to my husband who has ALZ, and to my kids who are helping me though this.. we love you Jerry W. Smith Sr.
Mildred Keister My mother died this year of complications from Alzeheimer's disease. She was dearly loved by all and is greatly missed.
My grandmother, Jessie Garrison Crawford
All Alzheimer's victims I am an Activity Director for an Alzheimer's Unit in a local nursing home.
My Mother, Margaret, who passed away from dementia in September
My residents I have worked in Geriatric Recreation for 13 years and I serve 200+ senior citizens on our campus. Many of them have Alzheimer's disease. I can't name them due to HIPPA but want them to be remembered.
My Mother This dearest angel of a lady has been touched with this disease and remains the most positive, compassionate person on the face of the earth. God Bless her and give her peace.
Bonnie's Mom Lord, give Bonnie strength to help her mom and please don't let her mom ever forget her while she's alive. Amen
William Marx
My mother My mother has Alzheimer's
Delores LaFore
Ajodha Sanicharra I love you Nana!
My Dad Such a great man! Words of his greatness are not easy to say or to write without many tears. I love him so much and hate to see this disease take him from us.
My Grandpa Duane
Those who have died from the disease Julia Miller Coriell, a loving mother, grandmother, and wife. Forever missed, never forgotten.
Kenneth Ross Dill My sweetheart, Ken, is now in a nursing home. This light is for him!
My mom, Diana L Calabrese In loving memory of my mom Diana L Calabrese. She passed away at the age of 92 yrs old on December 10,2010. I light this candle for her.
Isela Cassolopez In memory of my mother Isela Cassolopez that suffered this illness that took away her most precious self. I love you my precious jewel.
Joseph For my Pop-Pop
Uncle Joey
Delia Gleisner My mother was diagnosed with dementia 3 years ago. It has progressed so rapidly that she is unable to do anything for herself. So I am lighting a Candle for my mother and grandmother that also had passed away from Alzheimer's.
Remember my grandparents' memories
Arline (Sissy) Logue Love you Sissy!!!!
Grandma Smith
Barbara McCary My mom is 63 years old. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's a few years back. This has been been very hard on me and my siblings. To watch her lose more and more of herself every day has been overwhelming.. Praying for a Cure.. Driven by Hope!
Ellsworth "Leroy" Carpenter Lighting a candle for my Dad who passed away from Alzheimers. The most wonderful Dad in the world - was loved by everyone. I miss him every day. I was lucky enough to quit work to be able to spend the last 2 years with him. Priceless. I was so blessed to have him for a Dad.
Jack Harrison (My Dad) Dad we will miss you so much! You left us last Wed. May 18, 2011. Your battle is now over! Rest in peace until we meet again in the morning by the bright river side. We love you!
For all those afflicted with Alzheimer's
Sylvia M. Bare Thank you for keeping her in your prayers.
Ellsworth "Leroy" Carpenter For the most wonderful Dad in the world - I miss you and love you Dad
Rose Giblin Petersen My dear mother and grandma Rose we miss you so much
My mother, Josefina Is going to be a year on August 10th without her and missing her so much, I will light a candle for her
Margaret DeCoste My mom was a woman of strong faith and will. She raised 7 children and was a great mom. She passed away in 1999. Alzheimer's crept into her life and she slowly crept out of ours. How painful to watch and how sad that she had to leave the earth not recognizing her family. But I know she loved us to the end. She is so sadly missed and thought of every day.
Roy Cilley Roy Cilley is my dad and I watched him go through all the phases of Alzheimer's until he died. I have written a song that I would like to market as fundraiser for Alzheimers... trying to figure out how! Miss my dad.
William Sparks Died after a ten year battle with vascular dementia
Mary Wise
My mother, Sandra Turner She died in 2010 of Alzheimer's disease at the age of 68.
Helen Harrington She now lives in peace. I will miss her.
Margaret Barron My mother is now happy in her own little world where there is no black clouds. I love you, Mom!
Our Clients/Friends I am the General Manager of Visiting Angels of East Providence, RI. We have many clients, family and friends who are effected by ALZ. We would love to help find a cure.
A loved one's mom
My dad, victim of Alzheimer's Dear Dad, rest in peace. We do love you, and you are at all moments within us!
Querido papá, descansa en paz. Te queremos y estás en todo momento entre nosotros.
Phil and Gordon Hurst Phil and Gordon were my great uncles who both lost the fight of their life due to Alzheimer's. Great men who are greatly missed.
My Mom In memory of my mom.
Benny Green This is in honor of my grandfather, Benny Green. He suffered from Alzheimer's before his death.
Father I lost my Father to the disease 2 years ago
Amalia Rivera Ortiz My beautiful mother is in her final stage and I am lighting the candle to let her know i will always love her <3
My Father
Joanna Marques For my Vo. You were my shining light.
James W. Hilliard Our father who passed away in May 2011
My Daddy-George Lotz He was my heart. We lost him to Alzheimers on December 9, 2007.
Lorraine "Gra" Riley We love & miss you greatly Gra!
Honor a new friend
Paul and Anita Jelley Two very dear people who touched my heart and I miss them greatly.
Hazel Voigt I am lighting a candle in honor of my wonderful and loving grandma. She is suffering from this horrible disease and it is not only tearing her apart, but my family as well. There are those who do not want to be "interrupted" with the constant, repetitive phone calls; and then there are those who are honored to answer and honored to care for her. I hope that other families who are experience this horrible disease are able to keep things together.
Hugh Waldorf He is my dad and he is the most amazing father and man there could be. I love him very much.
Helen A Berry Mother died 8/1/11 from Alzheimer's/ dementia.
She was 81.
My best friend and greatest advocate.
As her MPOA and knowing her wishes we chose Hospice; in the end I had to be her advocate.
I miss my mom so very much.
Yomar Iriarte Sanchez My beautiful Mother who selflessly nurtured and cared for her family. Although she is still physically with us, and she sometimes remembers who we are, her love continues to endure and support us.
Te quiero mucho Mami y te extrano. Que Dios te bendiga y mantenga bajo su cuidado siempre.
Walter Whitfield I am lighting this candle in remembrance of my father. I miss you very much. Love you even more.
Patricia Doane Pat is in her 1st tear of formal diagnosis of Alz D.
She was a primary care giver to her father, Louis Morse, who died of the disease in his mid 70's. Pat is now in her mid 70's.
Albert Erich
Audrey Padrta
Olivia Hernandez In loving memory of my amazing mother... "My angel, my all, my very self," Rest In Peace my Angel...
My Grandmother, Maria Lorenza My Grandmother passed away 18 years ago and battled AD for almost 6 years. She was an amazingly loving woman, was a professional Opera Singer, and has left a dent in my soul. I miss her so....
John Wells In memory of my beloved father.
Peggy Nelson
Current, past and future residents of Homeplace Burlington I want to light a candle for all past, present, and future residents of Homeplace Burlington.
My mother Nigel Keel and her 2 sisters Norma Jean and Shirley and also to Grandma Mattix Our whole family has been affected with this horrible disease. My Mother and her 2 sisters all died within a month of each other. We miss them all. God Bless
Alda Solberg Mom, I miss you every day
W. Harold Lynch In memory of my dad who lost his battle with Alzheimer's on 2/19/2011. Love and miss you so much Dad!
John Krivoniak
My Grandmother In honor of my Grandmother Catherine Kveraga. Died 2000.
All of our residents who are still with us and those who have passed
Gramps (Al Barkhouse) This one's for you... gone but never forgotten
Great Grampa Missing you every day.
Domenic Di Silvestro Wonderful father and grandfather. Passed away in 2011 from short battle with Alzheimer's.
Elsie Downer (Grandmom) I'm lighting my candle in tribute to my grandmother Elsie Downer. She always lit the room up even in times of dark, so I'll keep her flame shining.
Memory Care at Crown Cove Armida, Margaret, Emma, Betty, Stanford, John, Ed and on and on... I only hope that you realize how much you are "understood". How lucky am I to spend days with you!
Elsie Downer I'll never forget you, Mom. You never forgot the important things in life; you were such a model of what life is all about. We miss you so much.
My grandfather
Alice Polakoff This is for my lovely sweet mother, Alice Polakoff. She passed away 87 days ago. I miss her so badly, I can hardly stand it!!
Patricia McMullan Patricia is my mother. She passed away on August 29, 2011. I miss her so much. I love you Mama.
My mother, Ruth Heifner York My beautiful mother lost a six year battle to Alzheimer's on Jan 5, 2008
My grandfather My grandpa passed away on November 12th, 2009. He had just celebrated his 60th wedding anniversary with my grandma in June of 2009. He had dementia.
Artha "Granny" Allen It has been two years now since you were taken away from me and not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Even with Alzheimer's disease, you tried not to let it consume your life. I love you Granny. In memory of Artha "Granny" Allen.
My Mom I lost my Mom to Alzheimer's & I miss her every single day. She was the rock of our family!
Lois & Bob G My dad has Alzheimer's & my mom died as a caregiver
My Dad Capt Bob No one deserves to die like this. My Dad, always strong, caring, supportive, & mentor. He would be horrified if he knew this is what he has become. My poor Mom was caregiver for years until a simple fall took her life. My Dad though is ever jovial & it's always heartwarming when we get a shared hearty laugh. However we kids also wish he could be at peace & no longer have to live & suffer this life. I love you Dad & Mom!!
My Granfather
My grandmothers
Katherine Skubik My Mom passed away 17-MAR-11, from complications due to this horrible disease. It was living hell for my Mom and all family members. Such a terrible way for such a sweet woman to pass away. We need to find a cure!
All my Residents and Family members I've been working at Sunrise Senior living for 7 years plus. I'm the Alzheimer's coordinator here. I've seen how this disease can effect family and friends.
Mary May God continue to watch over her and her family. May God give them strength and pray for a cure for this disease.
My second dad, Ed Ed is approaching his 86th birthday. He has lived a good life but the memories are being lost to this terrible disease. I keep praying that a cure can be found so that others do not have to live through this. We love you so much, Ed!!
Mary This is in tribute to Mary, My Tia Vicky's Mother, who suffers from Alzheimer's. Tia, I can not imagine everything you are going through. You are a very strong woman. Your mom is truly blessed. You have been there by her side and I know you have expressed how tough it may be. I light this candle for her. Love you Tia!
Jim Brennan
Nannette Robitaille On October 27th of this year, Heaven recieved a special Angel. My beautiful Mother no longer has to endure living with a thief. A thief who slowly steals precious moments, which when you stop to think about life, are all we have. The memories of times spent with loved ones or doing things we love. It is painful to watch someone literally disappear before you. Those things she enjoyed she no longer remembered how to do and the frustration must have been overwhelming. As sad as I am to not be able to pick up the telephone and hear her lovely voice, I am grateful she no longer lives in fear of what the thief will steal next. We will always remember her beautiful smile and silky skin and the many ways in which she shared the love which overflowed from within her. Thanks to the many wonderful friends who cared for her and about her and helped my Dad, sister and me care for her, most particularly Laverne, who became her best friend and is truly an angel here on earth. We love you Mom, for all enduring time.
Your yougest daughter,
My mother So hard to believe this dreadful disease claimed you at an early age of 67. We miss you terribly to this very day. I miss my best friend. Not a day doesn't go by that you aren't thought of... Love you... Your daughter and family.
My mom, and all others who have this awful disease
George Irvin Miss you and love you more each day daddy, you are my star in the sky...xox
Pete C. Avelar There's not a day that goes by that we don't think of you! Today, we light a candle to honor your life and celebrate your birthday! We love and miss you!!!
Roy Bishop My dad Roy Bishop passed away last summer after a 4-year battle with Alzheimer's. I miss him a lot!
Mary May this candle be a remembrance of who Mary (Vicky's mom) is, in the eyes of those who love her. That is something this disease cannot take away.
All of the Fremont Hills Residents & Family that have been affected by Alzheimer's
My mother My mother has Alzheimer's disease. She is in a nursing home where they take wonderful care of her. It is difficult to see her in such a state. I love her.
My Mom, Mary For my Mom Mary, she has been suffering with dementia for 4 years now, she is getting into the advanced stages of this terrible disease. This disease has robbed my family of OUR Mom, even though she is still with us she no longer knows who we are, we miss our Mom. A cure must be found so no other family will suffer with this terrible disease----I Love You MOM
Mary Santoyo I am lighting a candle for Mary Santoyo. She is my very special patient. When you come across someone with this disease just give them a hug. God Bless you Mary. Your friend Rena.
My Mother Dorothy Barber My mother was diagnosed in Dec. 2010 with dementia / Alzheimer's.
Dalco King My dad was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's
Mary Santoyo
My father My father was diagnosed last year. It's been hard for my mom and I as we watch a man who loved fishing and painting. He can't remember fishing or even how to paint.
My Lovely Mother My mother lost her fight against this horrific deadly disease on Oct 28, 2011. It's the most saddest experience of my entire life, I miss you very much mom but I know that you are now an Angel watching over us and I'm very glad that you are now with God Almighty suffering no more. I love you mama mi
My Nana
My Grandmother
Margie Simms/My Mama My mama had a car wreck in 1993. She received a traumatic brain injury. A few years later she started to decline. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. She lived 18 years with all this. She had not walked in 3 years and had not been able to swallow in the last 2 years. Mama passed away on December 1, 2011 at 11pm.
My father passed away from cancer in 2000. Alzheimer's runs in mama's side of the family. Her mom, grandfather, and her mom's two sisters have it. I am 42 years old and worried also for myself. After dad's death, I was moms only one she had. I love and miss her so much!!!
Friends I would love to see this disease be cured.
Joan Braund Sail on fair winds and calm seas Joan. You can rest now. Love Pam xxx
My Grandmother, Angela
Joseph C. Fitzpatrick My daddy went to heaven to be with his loving wife and our mom Joan. He will be missed by his 5 daughters. We love & miss them both!!!!
Blanche Thomas
For My Mom & Grandmother My grandmother passed away on Mother’s day in 2005 with dementia. My mom also has Alzheimer’s and it’s a hard thing to watch someone you love to go through it.
My Father For my mother....who is our caregiver and our angel. For my father....who is delightful and loving...and lives his life happy but conflicted with constant confusion.
My Mom, Jeannie C. Thompson In memory of my dear momma, Jeannie Thompson. Loving Momma, Wife, Nanna, sister, daughter. You are missed so much momma. I love you.
Our Residents
My mom She was diagnosed about 6 years ago. She is slowly slipping away but she is still a wonderful and loving person and still knows her daughters.
My mom, Mildred Gordon My mom was diagnosed 6 years ago and is slowly slipping away. She is a beautiful person and still so sweet. It is so sad to see her so confused about things. I wish I could take her pain away.
My Mother, Sara Feagin
Joan G. Plumridge My mom Joanie was a beautiful loving person. We lost her in 2009 to Alzheimer's. She will always be my bright light.
My mom, Martha Merrill My mom had Alzheimer's Disease and I cared for her the last 12 years. She died April 12, 2012.
Catherine Gardner Godspeed mom. You put up a valiant eight year battle with this disease while always maintaining your dignity and grace. You will be missed.
Henry Hensley To my uncle, we all love you and miss you.
My Sister, Mother and Aunt
Helen C. Boutiette We lost Mom three years ago to Alzheimer's Disease. We love and miss you, Mom!
My mother, Elaine Marasca
In loving memory of my mom Diana Calabrese In memory of my mom Diana Calabrese who passed away December 10, 2010 from Alzheimer's Dementia at the age of 91. I miss you mom so much! I love you! May you rest in peace.
Lennie D. Lee I'm lighting a candle in honor of my mother who passed on December 2, 2011 at 8:11am. Dementia was beginning to cloud her memory. I truly love and miss her.
Harriet Kolosowski I am lighting this candle in remembrance of my beloved and dearly missed mother. Mom, I miss you so much.
Susan Brum Susan is my grandmother- when I was 11, early-onset Alzheimer's hit her, along with dementia. She's 70 years old as of Mother's Day this year. I miss my grandma. Alzheimer's robbed my family. The woman she is now, is not the woman my grandma was. But this is for her, in hopes that some day, there will be a cure- so others don't have to suffer, as well.
Friends of Carefree Homecare For all of our special clients.
Sophia Skop I wish I knew then, what I know now.
Wanda Baker Nana, You are thought of daily and I know you are always with me. I hear your laughter daily and it always makes me smile! You would be so proud of your great grandchildren. They are all beautiful and fun loving in your image. All Our Love, Happy Mothers Day! Kerri, Kelly, Alex, Austen and Jullian
Helen June Martin To my dear sweet only mother.It has been almost 4 years(10-19-08)since the angels carried you home to our Lord & Savior in Heaven. I would not call you back,even if I could for my own selfish reasons.Not one day goes by that I don't still grieve for you. God gave me the best mother in the whole world.I miss you more than words could ever say, I miss your gentle touch,your smile & laughter, I miss your sweet smell, your little hands, your beautiful smile,I miss everything about you.I love you mama with all of my heart & I
will meet you just inside the Eastern gate.Your beloved daughter, Lisa XOXOXOXOXOXOXO
My mother She is still with us and every moment is a treasure!
Margaret Medwin My mother passed after 14 years of Alzheimer's, and today I just want to honor her, and thank her for her love, on this Mother's Day. I miss you more than anyone can ever know mum. xoxo
Donna Stirling To support my mother who is dying.
Evelyn B. Steijn In loving memory of my mother, Evelyn Steijn, who battled with her all, still maintaining and communicating her love for others until she could no more.

"But the love will have been enough; all those impulses of love return to the love that made them. Even memory is not necessary for love." Thornton Wilder, The Bridge of San Luis Rey

Praying that we find a way to spare others.
Donald I wish there were a way for him to know positively how much I love him...I never dreamed of this scenario.
Eileen Jackson
Acyes M. Hughes I'm lighting this candle in honor of my Daddy. I love you so much and I will fight for you...
My mom Aughie My mom has late stage Alzheimer's and she is the greatest mom.
Oakwood Terrace's residents living and deceased We consider it a privilege to work at Oakwood Terrace, a memory care community in Northeastern Pennsylvania near Scranton. We "live in the moment" and the residents are beautiful and kind.
Walter Curylo
Corinna Anderson She is fighting the battle.
My Dad I lost my Dad. He died a long terrible death...we lost him long before he was gone.
Homer O. Elseroad He was the single most intelligent, well-rounded person I have ever known. His body is still here but he is lost to us. I miss him.
My courageous and loving Grandmother
My Mom The candle represents Mom's lost "light" that used to shine so brightly to everyone around her.
Carl Perone My uncle who is living with the diesase.
My Dad
Winnie Elizabeth Winslow In honor and memory of my precious mother, who died from Alzheimer's on August 10, 2007. I still miss her so much.
Louis Newman For my dad
Kathleen Sajor - My Mother My mom passed away 3 years ago on September 25th of ALS. It was heartbreaking and still is at times to remember what she went through.
Joseph Clifford Winnie Clifford My beloved Dad passed this March. My mom Winnie is suffering severe rapid dementia and needs the correct diagnosis, care and help. All who suffer, all who passed, all caregivers they are in my prayer each day. Hopefully a cure SOON. AMEN!
All those living at St. John's Retirement Village with dementia As a program specialist in 2 memory care units at St. John's, I see how this disease robs people of their capacity to be who they were. I honor their struggle to live with this devastating disease and pray for a cure soon!
Alda Solberg After 6 years I still miss you every day Mom.
Betty Some illnesses take alot of you, but nothing will ever take her smile away from her.
Lena Hatchel, Toni Velez
My dear parents, Charles and Annie Rawls Forever in my heart.
Aileen Cochran Family Aileen was able to stay home during the disease process because she has seven wonderful children who dedicated their lives to keeping their mom safely at home.
My dad, Jim Freeman My father is my hero! Everything of value I have learned from my father; he is the most compassionate, honorable and forgiving person I have ever met. While I stand lovingly and watchful over my father on his journey along Alzheimer's Lane; I pray that his days will be filled with love and understanding. I light this candle as a symbol of my prayers. May this candles' light surround my father with love and guide him on the path he must travel.
Grandfather My grandpa suffered from Alzheimer's Disease.
My dad, Dalton Jenkins
Gloria Bundridge This is for my mother-in-law who we just lost from this awful disease, and buried her today. May she rest in peace forever.
Pam Winter
Sadiye Demirez My mother died of this horrid disease.
Jerry Martin Jerry, or as I know her as, Gooey, has been battling Alzheimer's for about 5 years now and is rapidly losing the battle. I'm lighting this candle in her tribute and doing many other things to try to make a world where no one else has to go through what our family has..
Alice J. Bailey My mom, miss you and love you, one more minute.
Myrtle and Tommie Honoring my mom and my aunt who have been meeting the challenges of their journey for over ten years....
D. Honneycutt Honoring Dr. D Honeycutt.
Thank you for providing caring and thoughtful healthcare for my mother, Myrtle for these past few CLT NC.
Margaret Harris She has been a long distance caregiver for her sister,Evelyn for a number of years. Evelyn is nearing the end of her journey...following a valiant fight against breast cancer and dementia...May God bless them both....
My mom, Twila She has been gone for 4 years.
My mother, Karen Day by day accepting her diagnosis and loss of congition and pieces of her life. We stand next to her while she holds us up.
My Dad "Francis Dude Merseal" My dad died from starvation brought on by his dementia, His dementia made him feel like he didn't need to eat, he was in a full care nursing home and we couldn't get him to eat a bite, that is the hardest thing to watch your dad who was always my hero, to slowly die before our eyes and there wasn't anything we could do to help, we tried to get him to eat but, he just wouldn't eat, I miss my dad so much and hope some day that other people don't have to go through this horrible disease
All the ADC participants
Cathy Cloinger
My mother, my best friend I miss her so much. This disease robbed her of dignity, her beauty and her life. Miss you Mom.
My precious father I have watched my father suffer with this disease for the past 5 years. It is heartbreaking.
Oakwood Terrace's residents We light this candle in tribute to the residents we care for currently and those who have passed on.
With much love.
Doris Johnson I lost my mom to Alzheimer's on May 27th 2012.
Carol She was a sweet cousin and had the smile to go with that.
She taught school for many years, and her students were always glad to see her as the years passed.
My mom, Angelina I miss her always!
Marie Holt & Alice Bennett My mom Marie will be gone six years this December and I miss her everyday! Alice was a friend who just past away last week.
My daddy Clarence Cheek Daddy has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, three years ago but is doing really well. He is 84 years old , he lives in Md. with his wife Hallie. I live in Las Vegas.
William Reichling
Alzheimer's Aid Society Caregiver Support Groups These groups of caregivers meet every Monday to share & support each other in their journey with their loved ones with Alzheimer's.
Our Residents We would like to celebrate the Light of Hope for our residents, families and friends affected by Alzheimer's Disease.
Darlene Hunsaker Mom passed In October after battling ALZHEIMER'S for over 11 years. May she now rest in peace and watch over us. We miss you mom!
Sara Cummings I light this candle for my mother Sara who fought her battles silently and with courage.
Robert D Stemple We love you dad and will always remember the wonderful man you were.
Paul Leonard
My Grandpa Noah. My grandpa died years ago from Alzheimer's.
Virginia & Carl Clark My mother in law (Virginia Clark) passed away from Alzheimer's and my father in law
is in a nursing home with Alzheimer's. I am very concerned for my husband and his brother.
All the people and family affected by Alzheimer's Disease I have worked with people and their families who have dementia or Alzheimer's Disease.It is so devastating and I pray that a cure will be found one day.
My Father In honor of Paul's gentle spirit.
My papaw, Dee Mart Music
Frances Doshier I am lighting this candle for my mother who has early stages of Alzheimer's.It is heartbreaking to see what this disease does to loved ones. We lost my grandmother to Alzheimer's 4 years ago.Praying for all those affected by this disease.
Father, Grandmother
My friend's grandpa I don't know much about this disease but I do know it affects millions and leaves us scratching our heads. I know it devastates my friend to see her grandpa go through this.
Jenny Matthew My grandmother has recently been diagnosed and is in the early stages. My grandmother raised me and has taught me so much and given me so much hope in this life. My prayers are with her and all suffering from Alzheimer's. God be with you.
My Father In honor of Paul's gentle spirit.
Betty M. Phillips We lost our mother one year ago to this disease. The last thing I ever heard her say, was her age at her birthday party the year before she passed. Even though she was "lost" - we will always remember the kind, loving person she was and how she guided us in life.
In honor my mother who has the disease and my family members who are serving her.
Elsie Joe Smith My great grandmother had this disease and died because of it. She was my best friend and my second mother! She was a wonderful Christian women that taught me so much! I know I will see her one day in Heaven!
Grandmother Stanaland She is suffering from it now and it's a long hard battle May God be with her and her family!
Margaret Hazel Wilkerson, my grandmother Missing her more and more every single day. A great woman of faith and family. I pray that soon no other family will have to witness their loved one being ravaged by this disease.
My Mother
P. Jimenez, my grandfather
Frankie Terranova Such a precious woman of God who showed me the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. She and her husband helped me in so many ways when I gave my life to Jesus Christ. I am forever thankful to them both!
My sister
John Joliat
Opal and Ronald Nichols My only memories of my grandmother is with Alzheimer's.I loved her deeply and my father is getting early signs and he is my world and my rock.
Goldie VanLear my grandmother will be forever in my heart.
Red DeFelice, my father in-law
Frankie Terranova This precious woman of God suffers with Alzheimer's. She has always shown me the love of Jesus Christ and I am forever grateful to her and her husband!
My mother Margie It's been 10 years, but her light still shines in me. Love is forever.
Walnut Hills Memory Support I am lighting a candle in tribute to all the amazing residents I help take care of in the memory support unit. Each one is near and dear to my heart and I enjoy having this opportunity of being a part of their lives. It doesn't seem like work when you feel like family.
Mary Ruth Fairless This was my granny. She got the Alzheimer's disease and died from it, after watching her suffer for years on a downward spiral, I hope to never get the disease. I pray for the cure and all the individuals it already affects!
Donna Harkey A great lady one of the best I have ever met-she had a heart of gold-taken much too soon by this disease. Forever in our hearts.
Cayetano Gutierrez My grandpa.. ”What a Beautiful Life”
My Mother Annie Riley
Mary Jane Boyce I light a candle in honor of my grandmother, Mary Jane Boyce. I thank God for all the things I learned from her and all the ways she touched people's lives before and after the onset of Alzheimer's, which left her withering away in a shell of her former self for more than a decade. I miss her every day of my life, but I am so thankful she is at peace and no longer suffering.
Shirley Kopp This is my mother and she had Alzheimer's for 20 years before she went home to heaven.
Joyce Williams Joyce is my mother in law and has been advancing quickly in this disease. My prayers go out to all those affected by Alzheimer's.
My Two Aunts This is for my beautiful aunts which I loved very much.
Ms Janet Brown, my grandma
Mary Jane Boyce My mother suffered for ten years before she passed. It was really difficult and I loved her so. Miss you Mom!

My father who has Alzheimer's
Eula L. Cross I light this candle for my dear sweet aunt who battled this disease for many years! She passed away in April. I miss her every day, and pray that a cure comes soon!
Donald Hue Bell My father passed away on January 1, 2008 of Alzheimer's.
Harold Jobst My step-grandpa who had the disease.
My Father Clyde My daddy died of this horrible disease 10 yrs ago. I miss him so much everyday and I am praying for a cure.
Alma Tilson My mother Alma Tilson fought a long battle with Alzheimer's. She passed away in 2009 and is dearly missed.
Byron McCain
Leota Boardman This was my very sweet Great Grandmother who died a number of years ago due to complications of Alzheimer's Disease. Her daughter, my Grandma, passed away recently, as well, after a long battle with the Disease. They taught us all great lessons in how to treat others in life.
My mother Maggie Poole
Mildred Gish My grandmother was diagnosed and has since passed with Alzhiemer's. I miss her so. She was a wonderful woman of God and a great mentor to me. To be able to help with this foundation would be an honor.
Peggy Alexander, Martha Horn, Hazel Alexander Alzheimer's is absolutely heartbreaking and horrible.
My Mom Mary S For my Mom Mary, we lost you almost a year ago (due to Dementia and Cancer) but it seems much longer, I will miss and Love you and think about you everyday for the rest of my life, you are resting in piece with no pain, Love you Mom!
Waldir Pedersoli He died tragically due to Alzheimer's. Miss you Dad!
Mary Sonne & her family
Woodrow Nix Sr. and his mother Golda Nix I am lighting this candle in memory of my grandfather and great grandmother. Also in memory of all the residents I have met and worked with in Alz/Dem care. This part of my life has influenced me greatly in my work with Veterans who suffer with Alz/Dem. Love and hope to all of the families and people struggling with this horrible disease.
Dorothy Smart Love you forever!
Mable Blair
Marlyn'Sue' Bostwick This is in honor of my grandmother Marlyn Bostwick. She is very much missed!
The Lantern at Morning Pointe Assisted Living For the many Alzheimer's residents that have gone "home" to be with the Lord, we will never stop pressing on toward the cure. I will always remember your smiles.
Ramona Durazo My wonderful mother has Alzheimer's. She is my hero.
Johnnie Acklin My Dad, Johnnie Acklin, passed away on Saturday, Nov. 2, 2012, at the age of 90. He had suffered from Alzheimer's disease for many years. I love and miss him so much.
Cora Lee Paden Gravitt Morris My Granny passed away in 2001. I have friends whose parents or grandparents are going thru this now. Prayers for them and all others suffering with this.
Ray Hartwell My Dad is 80 years old and has lived an active life. He doesn't know any family member but he still loves to laugh everyday.
Audrah Daniel and Lena Pope In honor of my grandmother, Audrah Daniel and in memory of my great grandmother, Lena Pope.
Margaret Oliver My mother was the most dynamic women. Educated, Worldly and Compassionate. I miss her so badly although I take care of her everyday. She was diagnosed at 58 and now 66 and I am lucky on the days she knows me or her grandson. Even as a social worker the disease is horrible. Please pray that my mom will be able to remain at home and that I will be able to take care of her and my son as a disabled single mom.
My Great Grandmother, my Grandmother and her two sisters I miss the beautiful, strong, Cuban women in my family who all died from this disease. I live my life praying and wondering each night as I fall asleep if I will be spared, or if I will one day wake up to have forgotten my children, my family, even who I am.
My father Wallace G Hague He was a wonderful husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather. He passed away on 9/11/2007 from a hemorrhagic stroke but had shown signs of Alzheimer's years before with his dementia being so bad. I miss him so much but I know that he is an angel watching over us.
Mallie Brock
My dad
Everett Peterson Alzheimer's has taking my Fathers memories along with my heart!
This must be stopped, PLEASE let's find a cure.
My Stepfather I miss him!
My dad, Bill Matson He has progressive dementia and is 87 years old. I miss who he was. :(
Mildred Garretson My grandma had Alzheimer's. I was too young to remember much, but I remember it being horrible and affecting the whole family greatly. We love you very much, Grandma.
My Grandma and my Dad
Darrell Keim
Barbara Sargent Barbara was my Grandmother who was loved by everyone her entire life. She just passed away at the end of September after her many years of battle with Alzheimer's Disease. Her 82nd birthday would have been this month. She left us with great lessons to pass on in life and was fully prepared to leave this World, even if we weren't really ready to let go.
Anyone who has or will suffer from it and their loved ones.
Les Mahurin
Both of my grandmothers
All of the residents I serve at the Care Home where I work.
Evadeen "Cricket" Rogers Thank you for all that you guys do!
Mary Lois Hodge Wicker My beautiful wonderful mother died September 15, 2012 physically. Her mental state was sometimes good and sometimes bad. She lived with this disease for about 10 - 12 years. She has had my brother and myself constantly with her for the last 4 years. She didn't want to go to a nursing home and we did everything we could to keep her at home. Some days were good and she knew who we were. She knew we were there to help her. Some days were bad. She resented us being there. She was always an independent person until this took over.
My mother.
Myrtle Dawes Mamma, I love you and fervently pray for your well-being. God bless!
Don Gottlieb My 83 yr old father is in a skilled nursing facility due to dementia. I am grateful for their care of him.
Asia I heard it on K-love and I want to do what Christ wants me to do.
Ltc. Edward J. Tozer To the greatest Dad that ever lived.
Geneva Conley I love and miss you, Mammaw!
lice Alten
Irma (My Grandma) , my mom, and brother
Ret. Lt. Colonel Edward J. Tozer My Father suffered with the disease for about eight years and he went to his heavenly home in September. We miss him dearly.
Grandpa Wayne
Andy Nimmo
Honor Mrs. Dale Roberts
My mother and father Both my parents had Dementia and they passed away from this awful disease.
Mother passed away Feb. 15, 2011.
Father passed Feb. 19, 2012.
They are with the Lord together!
Clara Garrido (My Mom) She is a 67 years old lady and was already diagnosed with Alzheimer's three years ago and it's hard to loose her a little more everyday. Thanks God for your mercy!
My Husband, Roger Roger has early onset Alzheimer's, he is still home, healthy and happy.
Helen Hartman Remembering you today. Nov.13,1918 - Nov. 11,2009
Miss You!
Flora Irizarry I want to light this candle for my mom who suffers Alzheimer's. I love you mom!
Marry Santoyo I'm lighting this candle for my Grandma Marry love you a miss you.
My Dad He has end stage Alzheimer's. I miss the man I knew so much. Love you Papa!
My Dad My Dad has been fighting this for five years now and My mom has dementia as well. Let's find a cure!
My Dad He is currently affected by Dementia. Please continue to pray for him and all others as well as their caregivers.
All people suffering I do not know much about this illness, but I can imagine what these people are going through. I do pray and hope God gives them the strength to face all the trials and tribulations. May God bless them all!
Brooks Bebout Brooks passed away a few years ago from Alzheimer's.
my mother, Carol Beitler My mother passed away this past April as a result of her dementia. She lived with this disease for eight years. I was her caregiver. I love and miss her greatly. She was only 65 years old. Love you heaven and back.
My dear mother
Shari Cece, my mom Lost my mom in 2006 to Alzheimer's. She was 66 and battled it for over seven years.
George & Dorothy I light the candle for George, my husband and in memory of Dorothy, his mother.
My Aunt My aunt suffers from this disease, as well as my fiance's mother. This is in memory of them.
Maria Lusia Acevedo I'm ligthing this candle for my mom Maria Luisa Acevedo she has Alzheimer's and doctor says she in her last stages. I want to pray that my mom doesn't have any pain and for God to have her in his hands. Thank you! God Bless!
Kitty Finder Kitty has been a friend for more than 20 years and it is heartbreaking to see her suffer with memory loss.
Mary King Smith My dear Mother who passed away
June 17th, 2012.
Chuck "Pop" Mills
Anna "Ma-Ma" Huffer
My mom Karlene
Ike Elliott We will always remember you!
Everyone in need of prayer For every person affected by a serious disease,to find a cure.
My Dad Miss you Dad!
Marion Danilczyk
Dora Valdez Dora is my grandma. She passed away two years ago from Alzheimer's and I miss her greatly!
Merle Payne My sweet mother slowly fades away each day just like her sister. I am proud to be her caregiver, but would do anything to end this disease.
My late grandmother Passed away in October 2012.
All Alzheimer's victims.
My grandma, Turgeon My grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer's when I was 14 years old, she died when I was 19 years old, not even remembering who I was anymore. My grandma and I were really close,so losing her that way was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.
Oscar Hanson My Grandfather.
My mother and three of my aunts.
My mother who is passed but had this disease.
Virginia May Shipley My nanny who suffered more than ten years with this awful and debilitating disease.
To my mom. To my mom who passed away from Alzheimer's last December. It is heartbreaking to watch someone you love go down this path.
Marylea Benware Carr My mother.Taken too early, at 66, by Alzheimer's.I miss her and wish I could educate the world on the importance of research and donation of brains to help the rest of us.
My grandfather
My mama, Rilda Baker. My mama has passed on, but she was the best mama there has ever been. Even with her disease. RIP Mama.
Raymond Vipperman
Rev. Berlin Hanks
Charles (Buddy) Johnson We love you Daddy!
Residents that have passed on because of this disease I'm dedicating this to my former residents who suffered from this horrible disease. I hope a cure is found someday soon.
I'm lighting this candle because I believe God can help all those who have and still are hurt by this Alzheimer's disease.
Clara Tartt My mom & best friend, two years ago after ten years of trials & tribulations with Alzheimer's here on this earth. God wrapped his arms around her and picked her up and carried her to her heavenly home and restored her mind as he promised to do for all his children who believe. I look forward to the day God will carry me home to live eternal life with her. Until then she is still with me in my heart and I remember her amazing example of a Godly walk with God leading, even with all the trials and tribulations God carries you through. My hope and prayer is that my children will have the same memories about me when I am gone. Thank-you God for my special angel, best friend, mom, grandma and a devoted wife to the angel still here my dad, and for the time that you shared her with with us!
Laura Riley This is for my mom.
Clara Tartt (Mema) Mema,
I don't remember you without Alzheimer's, but I still love you, nevertheless. Please protect TJ and Eric while they are serving our country. I love and miss you.
Your 12 year grandson, Trevor Henry
P.S: Do angels play baseball in heaven?
My Mema I miss my Mema so much. She was everything and really close to me, but I know she is now with my lord and savior and watching over me!
Leo Satkowiak My mom was diagnosed about 5 years ago with Alzheimer's and dad her husband for 64 years was just crushed, he cared for her at home with my help as long as he could and than we had to put her into a home called Shannon's House here in Bay City, MI. Through all the heartache and pain Dad was ever faithful to mom and not only did he go see her every single day until about 2 weeks before his death earlier this year he helped the care giver's with the other 5 ladies in helping with their care, he would help with their dinners, take them out on the deck to get sunshine daily. Dad was such an inspiration to his family, we've all pitch in when ever we can to carry on his legacy. Jesus said, "Whatever to you do to the least of these you do unto me." I remember this verse whenever I go for a visit to see mom. Even though she is not the same because of her disease, I'm still blessed with her by the grace of God and can still go love on her and her roommates. My prayer's go out daily for all the families and caregiver's that are dealing with this disease. Keep the faith and keep holding on to the promises of our Heavenly Father. Amen!
Boyd Franklin Gregory My grandfather led an example of a true follower of Christ, husband, father, and grandfather. Last year after battling Alzhiemer's Disease for close to ten years, my grandfather forgot how to swallow and drink. In October of 2011 my grandfather went to be with our Lord and savior.
Anyone who has Alzheimer's
my mom She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's about two years ago. So hard to watch the backbone of our family slowing suffer with this.
Home Instead Senior Care Clients of Alamance and Randolph County To all of our Clients at Home Instead Senior Care of Alamance and Randolph County. Those whom we have loved and cared for and lost to this disease and for those whome we still love and care for. May God Bless!
Mildred Schelle Remembering all the love you gave us growing up. Wish we could reminisce about those days and delight in all the wonderful events of your growing family. I will always love you, Mom! Enjoy seeing you, and treasure you watching your Great Grand-daughter, Lauren.
Clerfa John Lowery Died of complications of Alzheimer's December 16, 2011.
Gracie Meade My grandmother is in the latter stage of this disease. My Mom and Aunt care of her in her home.
My mom, Karin My mom was just diagnosed with dementia of the Alzheimer's type.
Margie Hornacek
my Mom & Dad, Freddie Joyce and Bob Steen We miss you so much mom!
Dad I'm sorry you are having to endure slowly leaving us! We love you!
My mom (Rose)
My mother She is in the very, very early stages. I pray for the strength to help her.
My grandma Oley My grandma had Alheimer's Disease, she passed away a few years ago. I love & miss her everyday.
My Grandma My Grandma is truly a saint. She is the sweetest woman I will probably ever know and will help anyone in any way she can. She is turning 80 in December. But, her health has slowly been declining due to Alzheimer's. I love you Grandma!!
My Uncle I love and miss you so much!
My mother Its hard to watch someone you love face this,for everyone who has faced or is facing this with someone you love my prayers are with you!!!!
Everyone who has this dieses and is being affected by it I believe God can help everyone who is being affected by this disease. Keeping holding on He will help. Keep trusting. Even when you can't feel Him, He will take care of you.
Charles Braun Watching his wife care for him to the very end, as she does not want him in a facility and admiring how devoted she is, but not sure I could do what she is doing.
Grandfather & Mother-in-law
My mom I love you mom.
Ruthie Robinson On Sunday November 4th my mom Ruthie Robinson transition to her new life with Alzheimer's. This candle I light is in memory of you mom. We Love you, We Love you, and We Love you. You'll always be missed!
My husband Panos I am lighting this candle in memory of my dear husband Panos, I will always love and remember you!
Louie Desimone Loving uncle forever in my heart.
Crayton Caldwell Coleman, Jr.
My grandmother and mother.
My Grandmother (who recently passed away).
CT School Shooting Please pray for those families and the broken hearts of the parents and love ones!
My Mom I am an LPN in a Memory Care facility and my mom has early onset Alzheimer's.
Malcolm R. Thatcher, Sr. He was my grandfather, the best there ever was.
Violet Lucille Grimes My mother passed December 6, 2012 from this disease. I miss her.
My Grandmother My grandmom was diagnosed with a severe case of dementia today, and it has just been so hard for my family and myself to see her go through everything that she has been going through, and knowing that she will never be the same.
Mary Gullo
Memory of Nell Vicknair
Ann Hursh My Grandmother recently passed away from Alzeimer's. She was an angel and will be greatly missed.
Dollie Hall My mother she just passed 02-03-13 and had Alzheimer's for 10+ years I miss her very much!
My mother, Josephine The strongest person I've ever known is my Mother. Even in late stage Alzheimer's, she continues to be a source of inspiration.
William F Madden You are missed every day.
Ken Swider
Our Father We love you daddy and will take care of you. From your children Dena, Deborah, Keith, Calvin and Corey.
E.L. Carpenter Miss and love you Dad!
Ann Prothero (Grannie) Ann passed away Jan. 27, 2013 I want to honor her.
Margery Thomas Heath I am lighting a candle as a tribute to my mother who is in stage two of Alzheimer's desease and is a brave warrior. Every time she gets frustrated she says, "I have to count my blessings."
Ben E. Gordon Daddy I will never forget!
Bessie VanOver I cared for my dearest mother, Bessie, in my home for the first 5 years after she had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. I felt so alone with no support. My sister took over her care but had to place her in a Alzheimer's care facility where she died 4 years ago. I miss her so much.
Johnny Lynn Collier 11/7/1938 - 4/17/2013. My Daddy was the kindest, gentlest man anyone could ever know. I was told in November of 2000 that he had Alzheimers. He fought a brilliant fight, but in the end, even long before the end, he lost the battle. Alzheimers is a cruel, debilitating disease that must be stopped. It robs families and victims of life long before the end even arrives. It does not discriminate. It simply takes and takes until there is nothing left. Like slow torture for it's victim and their family.
My Father - Joseph "Joe" Schumaker For all the times you were there for me dad and because I love you so very much. This is why I sit quietly and hold your hand, I whisper that it is all going to be okay, I kiss you softly on your head, I tell you I love you, I reassure you when you can't say what you want. Know in your heart if your brain can't remember to have faith. Go down this path peacefully and we'll be okay if and when you leave us. I love you.
"Papa" Emilio Gonzales Descanza en Paz; tu y Papa Lalo.
Sue Ann Webb
Julian Jamison My dad was the last of his brothers who was diagnosed of Alzheimers. He's passed on, and we all miss him, and still love him so very much!
Mike Kinney Mike is my husband of 22 yrs and today I have placed my husband under Hospice care.
Michael Steinberg My dad was an inspiration...
My mom She was just diagnosed.
Margrett J. Baker My sister and I have been the primary caregivers for my mom for about 10years. It has not been easy watching this diblitating disease afflict our loved ones. We support you and all those who raise awareness in our communities!
Margaret Kalmus My mother suffered from the worst disease ever. My son died from cancer and yes it wasn't good, but nothing is as bad as Alzheimer's! I was blessed to be in Wisconsin to help my dad with mom the last three weeks of her life. I work for hospice and knew what to expect, so it helped a lot. She had Alzheimer's for 8 years we believe. The last 2 and a half were hard on dad doing it by himself, except all the trips I took to go up there from Texas.
Mozelle Grace Jackson In honor of my grandmother.
Leslie Chung Wishing him happiness in his other world.
My husband, Ray!
esther peszek In remembrance of my Mom. The love of my life.
All residents past and present at Orchard Pointe Memory Care To all my residents, families, friends and co-workers who are affected by this disease. God Bless You! I Love You!
Ernesto Salinas I am lighting a candle on behalf of my dear Uncle, who suffered from Alzheimer's, who tradgically went missing from his home and was found deceased 6 days later after a long and difficult search for him.. Our hearts break...
myself I'm hoping to be cancerfree this month.
Cecilia Barr Stamey Candy was a dedicated wife, mother, neighbor and friend. She will be missed by so many.
Love to her family!
Mary L. Brown(Grandma)
My Granny
James McCarthy
Lillian Galmore
Marjorie McIver My Granny - she's happy with the Lord now, but I miss her so much.
John My Wonderful Husband.
Earl, Grace and Paul All siblings of my deceased grandfather, the three of them died from Alzheimer's disease and dementia-related illnesses.
All those with Alzheimer's.
Wally Johnson
Dan Wylie My dad who has Alzheimer's.
The best mom I truly miss you everyday. The stars are out, you shine so bright as you watch over us every night.
to honor Americans who have been or will be affected with Alzheimer's disease.
My dad, Thomas Bordone I love you dad and will miss you forever, love, your little girl.
Earnest Douglas Poole He passed away last night from Alzheimer's and dementia.
Joseph Pokorny, Sr. Happy 82nd birthday Dad! I love you.
Aunt Catherine, Aunt Betty, Uncle Earl, Uncle John.
All the Seniors of Sunrise of Schaumburg We here at Sunrise Senior Living of Schaumburg are truly blessed that our residents have allowed us to join their journey in life. We love them all.
Honor the memory of our resident who once resided at Brookside Glen.
Carmelo Ortiz My dad
Joseph Testani My father was diagnosed with early-onset dementia and he continues to bring joy to our lives everyday.
Benton House Beacon Residents
Fritzi Polito To the best Aunt/Godmother ever!
Fanny Rossi For my Grandmother - I miss you!
Irene C. Williams
My mother Margaret She passed 2009 but Alzheimer's took her away 5 years earlier.
My dear mom Mom is still a VERY large part of my life. I love and miss her, terribly.

Jesus took her by the hand on June 3, 2013
Barbara M. Blalock, My Mom My Mom has always been my best friend. She has always been there for me and my family. She has been taken by this terrible disease, but every once in a while she comes back to us with a couple of words that remind us that she is still there. Her smile shows us she is still My Mom and the grandchildren's "Ging"
Fernando Carvalho 5/14/1930 - 10/9/2013
Gloria Bredlau This candle is to remember the one year anniversary of my wonderful mother who at 82 years lost her life to Alzheimer's.
Delores Cole
My Father I am lighting this candle for my Father, who I miss terribly and all the others who have struggled with this disease
My dad , Miguel Rios
My grandmother
Those that have fought and those that are still fighting! In tribute to the many that fought such a courageous battle and for the many and growing population still fighting, their family members and loved ones, caregivers, all support staff and educators that have made all of us aware of Alzheimer's and other dementias.
Dad he is still holding on and I love him
In loving memory of my dad Miguel Rios My dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in his early 60's and passed away at the age of 68. The hardest thing was seeing my dad disappear more and more each day.
My MOM Mary I am lighting this candle in remembrance of my Mom Mary who after suffering from Alzheimer's for almost 4 years. We lost her almost 2 years ago, our Mom is missed and thought of everyday -- We Love You MOM -- Mom you are missed so much -- Love You Mom !!
My Mother For my beautiful Mother - for the wonderful memories she has given us throughout our lives, which we still can share with her. So blessed this hideous disease hasn't taken those from her.
my granny Eileen Ferraro My Granny was an inspirational woman who raised my sister and I along with my Grandfather. She is my hero and the most compassionate and caring person I will ever know. Unfortunately, her life was ended with a battle of Alzheimer's. I will always remember and honor her.
Alfredo Lacuesta
Albie Jean Nelson This terrible disease took my Mother in just 6 months.
Lucy Alvarez Lost my sweet, beautiful mom a year ago....miss her more each day.
All of my residents
Oakwood Terrace's wonderful staff and the care they provide each and every day! Much gratitude to the wonderful staff at Oakwood Terrace Memory Care community for raising the bar of care and compassion each and every day! Heartfelt THANK YOU!
My mother, Yomar Iriarte My mother passed away from Alzheimer's disease October 7, 2012. Te quiero y extraño mucho Mami!
Betty Rauth To my mother - for her 90th birthday.
My mom, Betty Harris Even today, even though you sometimes don't remember my name or the fact that I am your daughter, I have never doubted how much I am loved by you. You are the best mom ever, and I couldn't love you more.
Bob and Betty Scribner Both had and have Alzheimer's.
Bernard Flora My husband Bernard has this awful disease 8 years now! We need to find a cure!
Anna B Robinson my mother struggles with this disease. However, she has been blessed to live 103 years.
Bill Miranda Miss you, Dad. XOXOX
My mother. Our journey continues.
All our clients with Alzheimer's disease I work for a Home Health Agency and see what families go through with loved ones who are diagnosed with this disease.
Michael Henley For my hero who battled this disease for 11 years and was taken too soon at the age of 47. I love you and miss you each and every day.
Barbara and Rich Henley Mother and son, both victim of Young Onset Alzheimer's. You will not be forgotten.
Frank Smith Frank has been my longtime friend for over 30 years. We have been in a relationship for over 15 years. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer's five years ago. Up until two months ago, I was his one and only caregiver. I love him so much, and have never gone through such a difficult situation. What has made this so difficult is he was only 65 years old when diagnosed.
Cora Matthews She is my darling sweet mother who has Alzheimer's. Her birthday is Saturday. I pray every day that her journey will be guided with God holding her hand. She is a blessing.
Shirley T. Calabrese My wife passed away 3 years ago with Alzheimer's. She is my soulmate and I miss her very much.
My Mom, Dorothy Mom, you are the most loving, beautiful, caring human being I have ever known. I am so blessed to be your daughter. Love YOU!
Shirley Fissel My Mom has late stage Alzheimer's Disease and her mother (my grandmother) had AD, too. I will probably be next. I pray someday we can cure this horrible disease.
Joan Palmieri I love you, Mom!
Ernestine Perry Gates I miss and love my mom soooo very much!
Jan Jan you are missed.
Lucille I am lighting this candle in honor of Lucille, who just recently passed. She was the sister-in-law of a great friend of mine.
Hazel V. Comeaux My loving wife
Lucille Tilley She was just 60 and died from Alzheimer's this week on Nov 10, 2013.
Edna Kornacewicz I love and miss you grandma!
Lois Crouse My mother, a college professor, had a brilliant mind that was wasted by Alzheimer's. We grieved her loss before her death in January 2013. I pray a cure is found.
Memory of Robert Krout Miss you dad, love always, Nancy
Miguel Perez Because I still can!
Josephine Kornichuk My mom. We had some hard times at the beginning of this. Neither one of us understood why our relationship was changing or why we fought so much. I will never forget that at your end, you never forgot my name or how to tell me "I love you". I will always love you.
Robert W. Morrison My dad
My Mother, Anne Saxton 10 years of fighting dementia. And still fighting!
Rosemary Dickerson Today is my mother's 89th birthday who is now in a nursing home due to her battle with Dementia for many years. A wonderful Mother and friend and I love her dearly.
Bonnie Harris Lighting a candle for my dear Mama. She gave so much kindness and love to so many people in her life.
Erwin Mickelberg My Dad. A brilliant college professor. He can no longer read or write. He no longer knows me, but somewhere deep inside, he will always love me and be my Daddy.
Laura Ballentine I lost my mom May 23,2013, she suffered with Alzheimer's. So I am lighting this candle to remember my mother.
Treallie Tillman Lighting a candle for my Aunt Treallie. She is the oldest sister of my Mama, Bonnie Harris. Both have Alzheimer's. Words cannot express my sorrow that two beautiful and strong women had to be afflicted with such a terrible disease.
Martha Downey Martha is in her 11th year with Alzheimer's! She is getting excellent care in a private care home.
My mother Has Alzheimer's and lives in Panama City, Panama.
Albert White My father, Albert White, has Alzheimer's. I am his caregiver. I have watched the father I knew slipped away more each day. This is a horrible disease and I pray daily for a cure.
my Mom Miss you!
Harriet Kolosowski For my mother who passed away from this terrible disease. I was one of her caretakers. I miss her terribly every day.
Lou Shalcosky My husband, Lou, lost his battle with Alzheimer's. He and I fought hard and enjoyed what we had.
Amalia Rivera Ortiz R.I.P AMALIA RIVERA ORTIZ - 11-12-12 :-)
Bertha Henry My Mom. The sweetest and the best! I miss her so much...7/29/2008
Russell A. Merritt The greatest father that ever lived!! He is missed dearly.
Ellen de Tournillon My beautiful mom was diagnosed 6 years ago with Lewy Body Dementia and I have been her caregiver since the beginning. I love her unconditionally and cherish our time together.
My Mom & Dad I lost Dad 2 months ago and he had some dementia. Mom has some also. They are wonderful parents and I love them very much.
My Mother and Father They both had Alzheimer's at the same time.
Wm Cooper Sr Will always remain as a Grandpa, like no other in our hearts.
Grandma Lucy I miss you everyday, love you forever.
My dad, William.
Bennie Carson He was a sweet man and he made me laugh.
Edith M. Sweeney I am lighting this candle in memory of my dear mother who I continue to miss everyday.
Mary Rita, Julie, Trudy For these great "women warriors" who have suffered the effects of Alzheimer's. I continue to learn from their grace.
Helen Cardone Miss you Aunt Helen. You're always in my thoughts & heart. Love, Cheryl
Mildred Gunter Wilson Eternal memory to my mother who died from Alzheimer's in 1999.
Dorothy Mercer Grandma, you are my hero. I love and miss you so much!!
My father Ramon
My mom, Teresa Bartlett My mom had dementia for 10 years before she passed away. It got worse each year. She was a wonderful woman, but dementia made her mean at times. I want to pay tribute to who she was before that ugly disease got a hold of her.
Bob D. Bob has been recently diagnosed and in tribute to my father, I remember his loving kindness to all his children. He will turn 78 next year.
Mary Lou Moore Love you Mom and miss you very much. Thankful to God that you're no longer suffering on this earth. Rest in Jesus Mom.
My dad - Maynard Jostad Love you, dad - miss you every day.
Mildred Stewart I am lighting this in memory of my grandmother who passed away in 2003. She was a dear, sweet lady and we miss her very much. This was our first personal experience with Alzheimer's (although I work at a care facility for people with dementia, we had never had anyone in our family). We love you Mamaw Stewart!
Landmark Residents- Past, Present, and Future
Karl I light this candle for your strength, my patience, and our love of almost 50 years.
Betty Pletcher Betty was my Mother, whom I can not ever repay for giving me life. It hasn't been a month yet, so, it's still very painful to us. I love you Mom!
Charles Talbott
Dolores S. Mercer (my mother) I will always love you.
Emelie Piland My mother was the heart of our family Christmases. She had Alzheimer's and died 10 years ago from a stroke. She is still the heart of Christmas in MY heart!!
Albert J. Cerulli My wonderful father passed 1 year ago this month. He is missed dearly.
Jackie Deignan Mom and mother-in-law, Jackie shared her love and laughter like no other! She has been gone for a year, but we smile as we remember the joy she gave to so many!!
My beloved mother Emily I light a candle to honor my beloved mother Emily whose long battle with Alzheimer's disease inspires me daily. It has been my privilege to care for her.
Louis Riccio My darling uncle was a light in my life. I light a candle of care to remind him and all of us that his light still shines within us. In myself an in many others where he left bits of his heart while giving, giving and giving more of himself and of anything he had to offer. Especially to the children. To all children everywhere. In God's care now, always and forever. Thank you, precious uncle. Thank you God.
Vera Chavolla My mother Vera Chavolla passed away September 18, 2011 of Alzheimer's. I was the caregiver for my mother and saw this disease take my mother's life away.
Lilly Bernice Colbert Mother, you will forever be in our hearts and minds. We love and miss you so much. This tribute is for you.
Pat Thomas My mother passed away earlier this year from Alzheimer's. I miss her so much. Mom, I love you.
My mother! I love you, mom! We miss you!
Evelyn Moore I am lighting this candle in honor of my 89 year old mother. She suffers from dementia but she never forgets her faith, her service to our country as a Sergeant in the Marine Corps, and so far she has not forgotten her children. :)She is one tough old Marine.
My mother, Millie Hesterman With all my love!!
Lewis Emanuel Trenner My dear, sweet and departed father, who suffered through more than anyone ever should at the hands of this damned disease! Rest in peace, papa!
Agatha Vicknair In honor of my sweet Momma Agahta Vicknair 07/05/1935 ~ 08/17/2005
Grandma Baeth I miss you so much!
Gloria Dixon
Richard & Dartha Fair They are my wonderful parents. Dad was 93 years old when I lost him 3 months ago. He had some dementia. My mom is 90 years with dementia. Yes she has forgotten some things but that's okay because I remember her and I remind her of the things that she has forgotten. Her smile is still there and she and I sing Amazing Grace together and God's Grace is surely Amazing and so is my mom. Dad was a good man also and I love them so much.
Michael Henley In memory of my dad, my hero. I love you.
My husband Diagnosed in 2008.
My father My father was diagnosed with senile dementia type Alzheimer's last March. He is a wonderful man and good father. God bless him.
Retha B. Lee Most Wonderful Mother. She became my baby girl. Enjoy your Savior, family, and new home. When I close my eyes I can see your smile, feel your arms, and hear your voice. When I open my eyes I can see you in the beauty of God's creation. I can't wait till I can hold you in my arms again. Love your daughter Teresa and grandson Shaylan.
Herbert Pennington Daddy... I miss your wisdom and advice. I can't wait to see you again. Love, your daughter Teresa.
Gerald "Jerry" Ross aka POPS! It seems just like yesterday you were here! You ARE and ALWAYS will be MY DAD! Words and tears cannot express how deeply I miss and love you for all you did for me and the many lives you touched! You are one incredible man!!
Mrs. Emma B. Johnson Mrs. Emma B. Johnson, my mama, was born May 6, 1923. She was the sweetest, most selfless person around. This ugly disease invaded our lives gradually. It started in 1996 and no matter how hard I tried to deny it, it was real. April, 2005 mama became an official Angel.
My Grandmother She was such an elegant woman who has been missed for many years by family and friends. I loved my Granny :D
Robert Biehler My Dad, Robert Biehler passed on November 15, 2012 from Alzheimer's disease and we miss him every day!
My Daddy He was such a great father. I thank God for blessing me with him for the years He did!
Allene Denney Vaughn Every moment is special.
My Dad
Barbara Schroder "Mom" It has been a year and half since my Mom passed away from complications related to her Alzheimer's. I will love and miss her always.
Lennie D. Lee I'm lighting a candle for my mother who died in 2011. She was an awesome woman even while in the early stages of dementia. I will always remember and LOVE you Mom.
Anthony F Steigel Good Father good man.
Ken Dill My husband had Alzheimer's and went to meet Jesus on February 3, 2013!
mother's death In remembrance of my mother who died from Alzheimer's Disease on October 22,2013. She will be greatly missed.
My Mother My mother passed away December 28, 2012.
my mom I miss my mom. She struggled with Alzheimer's for 26 years.
Michael Morrissey I love you Daddy.
Loretta Simkowski My mom passed away in 2012 from Alzheimer's. I miss her so much and I am so sad she had to go through what she did.
My Mom The best Mom in the world. You are missed every day.
Esther Have a safe journey.
Vivian Bourne-my mother I have been my mother's caregiver for several years but recently resigned from my job to take care of her full time. She lives with me and has always said, she never wanted to be in a nursing home. I promised her that as long as I can I will care for her. I have every intention to take care of her until her death. Her Alzheimer's has progressed rapidly in the past two years and she is at total care. There are times, when I feel like a prisoner because I have no family help but I remember the many sacrifices my parents made to care for me and now it is my turn. Even though sometimes I do not think she knows I am her daughter, she knows that I am here for her and I LOVE HER.
My grandfather, Ken Ague I have now had three grandparents affected by Alzheimer's, with my grandfather being the most recent affected!
My mom, Gloria Weatherford My mom is 86 years old with Alzheimers and resides in a nursing home. Her sister is her roommate and has vascular dementia , she is 92 years old. My mom still has her spunk and tries to look after her sister , who is older. Mom is still trying to take care of people by talking to those that nobody else talks to and gives them her food and gum. As hard as its been for her and our family, my mom doesn't complain or ask for anything. She still has her pride intact! She makes people laugh and sits at the head of the dining room table each day with her sister at her side and her friends that reside there with her. It's difficult to watch your mom and aunt go downhill with these horrible diseases,. but, they handle it well even not knowing what's wrong with them. I admire her for everything that she is and stands for!
Joseph Jobst
Sheryl Smith
Valentin Valdez My father is 96 years, born Dec 15, 1917. He was married to my mom, Josephine for 64 years. She passed in 2006. He cries because he wants to see her & be with her. He suffers from dementia and it is very hard and heartbreaking for me to see him this way. Pray for him.
Corina H. Hernandez My mom passed away Dec 2006 from complications related to Alzheimer's. My mom was the greatest mom and I miss her terribly. I remember her beautiful smile and her memory is always in my heart. Her mom, my grandma, Josephine S. Hill was also taken from my life, but is at a better place, also suffered from Alzheimer's. They are both together now at a happier place.
my mother.
Erv Mickelberg
Madeline O'Laughlin
our "Friends" at Alzheimer's Day Services of Memphis
Lillie Mae Cooper
May Lingenfelter Mom has advance Alzheimer's and is now in a nursing home. Mom is 83. Dad tried to keep her home and safe but now the time had come to get professional care. He is 90. This candle is for both parents, together for more than 65 years.
Gilda Jett Our Nana was a kind and giving soul, before she was afflicted with this horrid disease, she would volunteer at Senior centers to comfort those who suffered with what would one day take her life.
Dr. Vivian Gildenhorn A loving and gentle soul who loved life, her husband, and family. She was a Doctor who made her career helping people .
Naomi In memory of my sweet mother.
Septa Carlton I love and miss you!
Tresa Bunch My mother suffered with lack of proper care making this journey an even greater nightmare for her. She is with Jesus now thankfully, but I do so miss her here on earth. I know we will be together again one day.
my dear grandmother.
Helen K. Dostie I'm lighting my candle for my grandmother because even though a candle will burn over time and eventually burn out and be gone, you are the opposite, shining on and burning bright even after time has run out.
JoAnn Ferris
Kathleen McNamara Kathleen was one of the first residents I ever worked with who had Alzheimer's. She quickly made an impact on my outlook of life with the way she lived her life. She never let her illness stop her from smiling. She was one of the most positive human beings I have ever met. Her beautiful smile will be with me forever.
Elfrieda Manfredi To honor my grandmother. She passed on June 8th, 2014 after living with severe Alzheimer's for 10 years. She was a living angel and now will continue to be one up above.
My Mother - Grace She passed away June 11, 2014 from Alzheimer's. She is missed dearly.
Pearl Williams My granny has this disease. It is so hard on my family.
Roselyn Szypszak The tribute is for my mom. It makes me so very sad.
patients and their families everywhere and to God who is able to comfort us all in Love and Eternal Life.
Lucy A.Vorst My grandmother had Alzheimer's and it was a very difficult thing to watch. She was our rock and took good care of her family, until Alzheimer's took hold of her life. :(
Trinidad Hernandez Sr. Beloved father, grandfather, and great-grandfather.
Edwin Beard A truly "gentle" man who has survived cancer and a heart attack and is now struggling with losing himself to Alzheimer's. To all loved ones and caregivers: The best "care" you can give is love, soul to soul. They may forget who you are, but your love is always recognized.
Kalvin James In Memory of my son. I Love You and Miss You so much.
Conchita Ball-llovera-Sanchez Momma,it's almost been two years since your passing.I miss you every day.

Your Daughter
My parents My mom has Dementia and my father has Alzmeiher's
Ione Bushnell In Memory of my mother, Ione May Lunderman Bushnell, who died after 12 long years of suffering from Alzheimers.
Frank Faire My dad passed away from Alzheimer's in 2013.
Maxine , Marie Dellen I am lighting a candle for my great grandmother Maxine who passed of ALZ, My dear friend Marie Dellen who also passed of ALZ, and the many I have took care of these past years.
Silivia always in our hearts never forgotter
Mary F Brown For my Mother who I lost to this terrible disease 2/6/2014.
Edith Chevalier My Mom, strong, beautiful woman and a talented quilter. Thank you for Life.
Walter J. Baer
Georgia R. Morrow Fo my wonderful Mother who was with 53 years 24#days later my 54th. I miss you never knew LOVE would tear you into.
Erwin Mickelberg My Father bravely sucumbed to his Alzheimer's Disease this past May. Finally he is at peace with the Lord!
Anne Morgan For my precious mother who has FTD love you mum xxx
Agnes Jozwick For my Mom's 11 year battle with dementia/ALZ that came to an end on May 13th at 5:15am of this year.
Miss you Mom......